ï»??xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> 听力译֠‚ http://www.2283235.live/zt/rss/ 听力译֠‚ zh-cn Fri, 28 Feb 2020 07:17:10 GMT-8 Fri, 28 Feb 2020 07:17:10 GMT-8 service@tingclass.net service@tingclass.net 在美国准备应对冠状病毒之际,卫生工作者对安全措施提出了质ç–?/title> <link>http://www.2283235.live/show-500-466292-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[As U.S. Preps For Coronavirus, Health Workers Question Safety Measures 在美国准备应对冠状病毒之际,卫生工作者对安全措施提出了质ç–? The U.S. health care system is trying to be ready for possible outbreaks, after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned communities this week to prepare for the kind of spread now being seen in Iran, Italy, South Korea and other areas outside the virus's epicenter in China. ¾ŸŽå›½ç–„¡—…控制与预防中心本周警告社区做好准备,应对可能出现的疫情爆发,¾ŸŽå›½åŒÈ–—¾pȝ»Ÿæ­£åŠªåŠ›åšå¥½å‡†å¤‡ã€‚目前,疫情正在伊朗、意大利、韩国和中国以外的其他地åŒø™”“延ã€? The CDC notes there are only 15 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus in the United States, plus 45 more cases among Americans who were brought home from the Diamond Princess cruise ship or via flights from Asia arranged by the U.S. State Department. All but a couple of those total cases in the U.S. are travel-related; there are no signs, so far, that the virus has spread beyond that. ¾ŸŽå›½ç–„¡—…控制与预防中心指出,在美国只æœ?5例新冠状病毒¼‹®è¯Šç—…例åQŒå¦å¤–还æœ?5例是ç”Þq¾Žå›½å›½åŠ¡é™¢å®‰æŽ’从钻矛_…¬ä¸Õd·æ¸¸è½®æˆ–从亚洲乘飞机回国的¾ŸŽå›½äººæ„ŸæŸ“的。在¾ŸŽå›½åQŒé™¤äº†å°‘数病例外åQŒå…¶ä»–病例都与旅行有å…?到目前äؓ止,˜q˜æ²¡æœ‰è¿¹è±¡è¡¨æ˜Žç—…毒已¾læ‰©æ•£åˆ°æ›´è¿œçš„地斏V€? Still, some U.S. health care workers on the front line, including Maureen Dugan, worry they are not properly prepared. ž®½ç®¡å¦‚æ­¤åQŒåŒ…括莫ç?middot;杜根在内的一些第一¾U¿çš„¾ŸŽå›½åŒÀLŠ¤äººå‘˜æ‹…心åQŒä»–们没有做好充分的准备ã€? Dugan is a veteran nurse at the University of California, San Francisco Medical Center, where two coronavirus patients were earlier transferred this month. UCSF is one of the premiere hospitals in the country, but Dugan says her frustrations are mounting, because she says her employer offered little notice or training to those caring for the infected patients. 杜根是加州大学旧金山åŒÕd­¦ä¸­å¿ƒçš„一名资深护士,本月早些时候,两名冠状病毒患者被转移åˆîCº†˜q™é‡Œã€‚加州大学旧金山分校是美国最好的医院之一åQŒä½†æœæ ¹è¯ß_¼Œå¥¹è¶Šæ¥è¶Šæ„Ÿåˆ°å¤±æœ›åQŒå› ä¸ºå¥¹çš„雇ä¸Õd‡ ä¹Žæ²¡æœ‰é€šçŸ¥æˆ–培训那些照™å‘֏—感染病äh的ähã€? "We want to do the best; we work extremely hard to do the best for our patients, so don't set us up to fail," Dugan says. "It's not only nurses, it's all the other staff. Every staff member is worried." “我们惛_šåˆ°æœ€å¥?我们非常努力åœîCؓ病äh做到最好,所以不要让我们å¤ÞpÓ|åQ?rdquo;杜根说ã€?ldquo;不仅是护士,其他所有的工作人员都是。每个员工都很担心ã€?rdquo; Coronavirus has yet to sicken American health workers, as it has in China. But deaths of hospital workers in Asia have heightened scrutiny of the U.S. health care system's ability to protect people on the front line. 冠状病毒ž®šæœªåƒåœ¨ä¸­å›½é‚£æ ·æ„ŸæŸ“¾ŸŽå›½å«ç”Ÿå·¥ä½œè€…。但亚洲医院工作人员的死亡加å¼ÞZº†å¯¹ç¾Žå›½åŒ»ç–—保健系¾lŸä¿æŠ¤ç¬¬ä¸€¾U¿æ°‘众能力的审查ã€? Dugan says the medical community wasn't fully prepared for previous viruses like SARS and Ebola — and she's concerned that lessons learned are not being applied today. For example: The protective garments provided, she says, leave the wearer's neck exposed. 杜根è¯ß_¼ŒåŒÕd­¦ç•Œå¯¹ä»¥å‰çš„非典和埃博拉病毒没有做好充分的准备åQŒå¥¹æ‹…心˜q‡åŽ»çš„经验教训今天没有得到应用。她è¯ß_¼Œæä¾›çš„防护服会让佩戴者的脖子暴露在外ã€? "The gowns that they're providing are inadequate," she says. "We've worked so hard to make sure that our nurses were protected, and therefore they can protect the public." “他们提供的防护服不够åQ?rdquo;她说ã€?ldquo;我们一直努力确保我们的护士得到保护åQŒè¿™æ ·ä»–们才可以保护公众ã€?rdquo; UCSF said in a written response to NPR that it has taken multiple, "extensive" safety precautions, including isolating sick patients in rooms with special ventilation systems, and training staff with proper use of safety gear. 加州大学旧金山分校在¾l™ç¾Žå›½å›½å®¶å…¬å…Þq”µå?NPR)的书面回复中表示åQŒå®ƒå·²ç»é‡‡å–了多¿U?ldquo;òq¿æ³›”的安全预防措施,包括ž®†ç—…人隔¼›Õdœ¨è£…有ç‰ÒŽ®Šé€šé£Ž¾pȝ»Ÿçš„房间里åQŒåƈ培训工作人员正确使用安全讑֤‡ã€? In regards to the two coronavirus cases Dugan refers to, UCSF said it briefed the workers who were actually treating the patients. But the hospital does not — as a matter of course — inform general staff of infection cases. 关于杜根提到的两个冠状病毒病例,加州大学旧金山分校表½Cºï¼Œå®ƒå‘实际æ²È–—患者的工作人员做了½Ž€æŠ¥ã€‚但医院当然不会告知普通工作äh员感染病例ã€? World health officials warn that COVID-19. the infection caused by the new coronavirus, may enter a new phase in the U.S., at some point. 世界卫生官员警告è¯ß_¼Œç”±æ–°åž‹å† çŠ¶ç—…毒引èµïLš„COVID-19感染可能会在¾ŸŽå›½çš„某个时候进入一个新的阶ŒDüc€? "It's the unrecognized case that comes through your hospital system or your clinics that really pose the greatest risk," says Mark Rupp, chief of infectious disease at the University of Nebraska. 内布拉斯加大学传染病学主任马å…?bull;鲁普表示:“来自医院¾pȝ»Ÿæˆ–诊所的未被识别的病例åQŒæ‰æ˜¯çœŸæ­£æž„成最大风险的ã€?rdquo; ]]></description> </item><item><title>雅思听力常见短语汇æ€?/title> <link>http://www.2283235.live/show-7961-466289-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[  I have part of the fault.我也有责仅R€?   distract her with a doll 拿娃娃哄她开å¿?   they are all well received 收到的反响都很好   talk you up 说你的好è¯?   stand firm to 努力坚持   I was just leering 我只是用余光看看   organize my thoughts 整理思çÈA   get a little preoccupied 事先有事   no way to recover 没有掩饰的机会了   bouncy ‹zÀL³¼   Intern 实习ç”?   mug抢劫   drug dealer 毒贩å­?   admire your candor你还真胆å¤?   we are rolling摄像机正在拍æ‘?   hairnet发罩   go through this stack 看看˜q™ä¸€å?   are you spying on me?你监视我?   just messing with you!跟你开玩笑å‘?   enough is enough!闹够äº?   flyers å¯ÖMh(ç‰?‹¹ähŠ¥   it's insensitive of me。我˜q™ä¹ˆåšå¾ˆä¼¤äh   you don't have to brag。拽什么啊?   nod along 跟着点头   a totally different subject 完全题外è¯?   I thought it was the other way around 我以为是反过来的   close my account 注销银行å?   cuff him up 把他铐è“væ?   WoodyåQŒtingly ç—?   creep me out é›äh­»æˆ‘了 ]]></description> </item><item><title>托福词汇如何应对记忆误区 http://www.2283235.live/show-469-466271-1.html 如何让您的家做好防范冠状病毒的准å¤?/title> <link>http://www.2283235.live/show-138-466270-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[How To Prepare Your Home For Coronavirus 如何让您的家做好防范冠状病毒的准å¤? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is telling Americans that they should be prepared for the possibility of a COVID-19 outbreak in their community. 疄¡—…控制和预防中心告诉美国ähåQŒä»–们应该äؓ½C‘ÖŒºçˆ†å‘COVID-19的可能性做好准备ã€? But what does preparedness look like in practice? The short answer: Don't panic — but do prepare. 但是åQŒåœ¨å®žè·µä¸­å‡†å¤‡å·¥ä½œæ˜¯ä»€ä¹ˆæ ·å­çš„å‘?½Ž€çŸ­çš„回答是:不要惊慌åQŒä½†è¦åšå¥½å‡†å¤‡ã€? Should I stock up on food and meds? 我应该储备食物和药品å? The reason to stock up on certain products now isn't so much to avoid potential shortages in the event of an outbreak but to practice what experts call social distancing. Basically, you want to avoid crowds to minimize your risk of catching the disease. If COVID-19 is spreading in your community, the last place you want to be is in line at a crowded grocery store or drugstore. 现在囤积某些产品的原因,与其说是ä¸ÞZº†é¿å…ç–«æƒ…爆发时的潜在短缺åQŒä¸å¦‚说是äؓ了实践专家所说的“½C¾ä¼šç–è¿œ”。基本上åQŒä½ æƒ³é¿å…äh¾Ÿ¤ï¼Œä»¥å‡ž®‘感染疾病的风险。如果COVID-19正在你的½C‘ÖŒºè”“åšgåQŒä½ æœ€ä¸æƒ³åŽÈš„地方ž®±æ˜¯åœ¨æ‹¥æŒ¤çš„杂货店或药店排队ã€? If you take daily medications — for example, blood pressure pills — make sure you have enough to last a couple of weeks, suggests Katz, as long as you can get approval for an extended supply from your insurance provider. 卡茨å»ø™®®åQŒå¦‚果你每天都服用药物,比如降压药,只要你能从保险公司获得åšg长用药期限的许可åQŒå°±ä¸€å®šè¦¼‹®ä¿ä½ æœ‰­‘›_¤Ÿçš„药物维持几周ã€? Also worth pre-buying: fever reducers like acetaminophen or ibuprofen, says Edith Bracho-Sanchez, a pediatrician with Columbia University Medical Center. 哥äëu比亚大学åŒÕd­¦ä¸­å¿ƒçš„å„¿¿U‘医生布拉赫-桑切斯说åQŒè¿˜åº”该提前购买退热药åQŒæ¯”如退热æ°}酚或布洛芬ã€? Think about adding enough nonperishable foods to your pantry to carry you through for a couple of weeks, adds Amesh Adalja, an infectious disease physician and a senior scholar at Johns Hopkins University's Center for Health Security. 传染病医生、约¾˜°éœæ™®é‡‘斯大学健康安全中心高¾U§å­¦è€…阿˜qˆä»€·é˜¿è¾¾ž®”贾补充è¯ß_¼Œè€ƒè™‘一下在你的食品柜里æ·ÕdŠ ­‘›_¤Ÿçš„不易腐坏的食物åQŒè®©ä½ æ’‘上几周ã€? Are special cleaning supplies needed? 需要特ŒDŠçš„清洁用品å? We still don't know exactly how long the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 can survive on surfaces. But Stephen Morse, a professor of epidemiology at Columbia University Medical Center, says what we know from other coronaviruses is that most household cleansers — such as bleach wipes or alcohol — will kill them. 我们仍然不知道导致COVID-19的冠状病毒能在表面存‹zÕd¤šä¹…。但哥äëu比亚大学åŒÕd­¦ä¸­å¿ƒ‹¹è¡Œç—…学教授斯蒂èŠ?middot;莫尔斯表½Cºï¼Œæˆ‘们从其他冠状病毒中了解到的是,大多数家用清‹zå‰‚-如漂白湿巾或酒精-都会杀æ­Õd®ƒä»¬ã€? What about face masks? 需要戴口罩å? The science on whether it's helpful to wear a face mask out in public is really, really mixed, as we've reported in depth. (For starters, it depends on what kind of mask you are wearing and whether you use it correctly.) 关于在公共场合戴口罩是否有益的科学真的,真的很复杂,正如我们深入报道的那栗÷€?首先åQŒè¿™å–决于你戴的是哪¿Uå£¾|©ï¼Œä»¥åŠä½ æ˜¯å¦æ­£¼‹®ä‹É用ã€? Some infectious disease experts are reluctant to recommend that people wear masks as a preventive measure because they can provide a false sense of security. 一些传染病专家不愿意徏议äh们戴口罩作äؓ一¿Ué¢„防措施,因äؓ口罩会给äºÞZ¸€¿Uè™šå‡çš„安全感ã€? What to do about work — and telecommuting? 工作和远½E‹åŠžå…¬æ€Žä¹ˆåŠ? Now is the time to talk to your boss about your ability to work from home if COVID-19 is spreading locally, says Morse. Obviously, if you're sick, you should stay home. But even if you are well, telecommuting makes sense in the event of a local outbreak to reduce the chances that you'll be infected. 莫尔斯说åQŒå¦‚æžœCOVID-19正在当地传播åQŒçŽ°åœ¨æ˜¯æ—¶å€™å’Œä½ çš„老板谈谈你在家工作的能力了。显ç„Óž¼Œå¦‚果你生病了åQŒä½ åº”该呆在安™‡Œã€‚但是,即ä‹Éä½ èín体健åºøP¼Œ˜qœç¨‹åŠžå…¬åœ¨å½“地疫情爆发的情况下也是有意义的,可以减少你被感染的机会ã€? What's the plan if you get sick? 如果你生病了怎么åŠ? If you show early signs of illness — like a fever or a dry cough — Bracho-Sanchez says you should call your doctor's office but don't necessarily head straight to the emergency room or urgent care, where you might infect others. 布拉¿U‘æ–¯-桑切斯说åQŒå¦‚果你出现发烧或干咳等早期症状åQŒä½ åº”该¾l™åŒ»ç”Ÿæ‰“电话åQŒä½†ä¸ä¸€å®šè¦ç›´æŽ¥åŽÀL€¥è¯Šå®¤æˆ–急诊åQŒå› ä¸ÞZ½ å¯èƒ½ä¼šæ„ŸæŸ“其他ähã€? "Do you really need to come into the office? Can we work this out through the phone?" Bracho-Sanchez says. "Of course, if you're having trouble breathing, if you're dehydrated, that's a different story." “你真的需要亲自来办公室吗?我们能通过电话解决˜q™ä¸ªé—®é¢˜å?”布拉ä¹?桑切斯说ã€?ldquo;当然åQŒå¦‚果你呼吸困难åQŒå¦‚果你脱水了,那就另当别论了ã€?rdquo; Do you have a plan for kids and older relatives? 你对孩子和长辈有什么计划吗? Perl and Katz suggest you start figuring out now what you would do if day care centers or schools start closing because of an outbreak. Do you have a backup child care plan in place? ‹z‘ÖŽ„和卡兹徏议你现在ž®±å¼€å§‹è€ƒè™‘åQŒå¦‚果日托中心或学校因äؓ疫情爆发而开始关闭,你会怎么做。你们有备用的托儿计划吗? "For example, for me, I'm trying to think about, what if my mother gets sick? "What am I going to do? How am I going to get her cared for?" “比如åQŒå¯¹æˆ‘来è¯ß_¼Œæˆ‘在惻I¼Œå¦‚果我妈妈生病了怎么åŠ? “我该怎么åŠ?”我怎样才能让她得到照顾å‘?” ]]></description> </item><item><title>ç‰ÒŽœ—æ™®ä“Q命彭斯领导政府应对冠状病æ¯?/title> <link>http://www.2283235.live/show-500-466269-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[Trump Appoints Pence To Lead Government's Coronavirus Response ç‰ÒŽœ—æ™®ä“Q命彭斯领导政府应对冠状病æ¯? President Trump on Wednesday put Vice President Pence in charge of the administration's response to the disease. ç‰ÒŽœ—æ™®æ€È»Ÿå‘¨ä¸‰ä»Õd‘½å‰¯æ€È»Ÿå½­æ–¯è´Ÿè´£æ”¿åºœåº”对˜q™ç§ç–„¡—…的工作ã€? "We're doing really well, and Mike is going to be in charge," Trump said, noting that Pence's experience as governor of Indiana made him adept at working with state and local health authorities. “我们做得真的很好åQŒè¿ˆå…‹å°†è´Ÿè´£(应对冠状病毒)åQ?rdquo;ç‰ÒŽœ—普说åQŒåƈ指出彭斯担ä“Q印第安纳州州长的¾léªŒè®©ä»–擅长与州和地方卫生当局合作ã€? The president's remarks came as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention disclosed a new case of the COVID-19 disease in California that could represent the first U.S. case of the virus spreading within the general population. æ€È»Ÿå‘表讲话之际åQŒç¾Žå›½ç–¾ç—…控制和预防中心披露了加利福ž®égºšå·žå‡ºçŽ°çš„一例新的COVID-19疄¡—…病例åQŒè¿™å¯èƒ½æ˜¯ç¾Žå›½é¦–例在普通äh¾Ÿ¤ä¸­ä¼ æ’­çš„病毒病例ã€? At the White House news conference alongside members of the administration's coronavirus task force and health officials, the president insisted that the risk to the American people from the virus "remains very low." 在白宫的新闻发布会上åQŒä¸Žæ”¿åºœå† çŠ¶ç—…毒工作¾l„成员和卫生官员一èµøP¼Œæ€È»Ÿåšç§°åQŒç—…毒给¾ŸŽå›½äººæ°‘带来的风é™?ldquo;仍然非常ä½?rdquo;ã€? He also noted that the "regular flu" kills many more people each year. He took credit for making "very good early decisions" that helped prevent the new coronavirus from becoming more widespread in the United States. 他还指出åQŒæ¯òq´æœ‰æ›´å¤šçš„ähæ­ÖMºŽ“普通流æ„?rdquo;。他因早期做å‡ÞZº†“非常好的军_®š”而受到赞誉,˜q™äº›å†›_®šå¸®åŠ©é˜ÀL­¢äº†æ–°åž‹å† çŠ¶ç—…毒在¾ŸŽå›½å˜å¾—更加òq¿æ³›ã€? "We're ready to adapt and ready to do whatever we have to as the disease spreads, if it spreads," he said, adding that he plans to add an unnamed specialist from the State Department to the White House team. 他说:“我们已经做好了适应的准备,一旦疫情蔓å»Óž¼Œæˆ‘们ž®†é‡‡å–一切必要措施ã€?rdquo;他还表示åQŒä»–计划在白宫团队中增加一名不愉K€éœ²å§“名的国务院专家ã€? Trump said he would work with Congress on funding. His administration has asked for $2.5 billion, but he said lawmakers appear amenable to offering much more money. ç‰ÒŽœ—普表½Cºï¼Œä»–将与国会就资金问题˜q›è¡Œåˆä½œã€‚他的政府要æ±?5亿美元,但他è¯ß_¼Œè®®å‘˜ä»¬ä¼¼ä¹Žæ„¿æ„æä¾›æ›´å¤šçš„资金ã€? Pence praised the president for the current containment strategy, including travel restrictions, quarantine measures and assembling of a coronavirus task force "that has been meeting every day." 彭斯赞扬了æ€È»Ÿç›®å‰çš„遏制战略,包括旅行限制、隔¼›ÀLŽªæ–½å’Œ¾l„徏一个冠状病毒特别工作组åQŒè¯¥å·¥ä½œ¾l?ldquo;每天都在开ä¼?rdquo;ã€? "As a former governor of the state with the first MERS case, I know full well the importance of presidential leadership and administration leadership and the vital role" of state and local agencies, Pence said, referring to Middle East respiratory syndrome. 彭斯è¯?“作äؓ出现½W¬ä¸€ä¾‹MERS病例的州的前州长åQŒæˆ‘æ·ÞqŸ¥æ€È»Ÿé¢†å¯¼å’Œè¡Œæ”‰K¢†å¯¼çš„重要性,以及州和地方机构的重要作用ã€?rdquo;他指的是中东呼吸¾l¼åˆå¾ã€? In the latest case, the CDC said it was unclear how the patient got the virus. According to officials, the infected person reportedly did not have a history of travel to a region where the virus is spreading — or exposure to another person known to have COVID-19. 在最新的病例中,¾ŸŽå›½ç–„¡—…控制与预防中心表½Cºï¼Œç›®å‰˜q˜ä¸æ¸…楚患者是如何感染病毒的。据有关官员è¯ß_¼Œæ®æŠ¥é“,被感染者没有前往病毒传播地区旅行的历åÔŒ¼Œä¹Ÿæ²¡æœ‰ä¸Žå·²çŸ¥çš„另一名感染了COVID-19的äh接触˜q‡ã€? The CDC says it's possible that the person may have been exposed to a returned traveler who was infected. ¾ŸŽå›½ç–„¡—…控制与预防中心表½Cºï¼Œ˜q™åæ—…客可能接触˜q‡è¢«æ„ŸæŸ“的回国旅客ã€? During the news conference, Dr. Anne Schuchat, principal deputy director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, appeared to walk back statements made by her colleague, Dr. Nancy Messonnier, who on Tuesday suggested a large outbreak is imminent. 在新é—Õd‘布会上,疄¡—…控制和预防中心首席副ä¸ÖM“Q安妮·èˆ’查特博士似乎驳斥了她的同事南希·æ¢…烦ž®ÆD€¶åšå£«çš„声明åQŒæ¢…索尼耶博士周二暗½Cºå³ž®†çˆ†å‘大规模疫情ã€? Still, Schuchat said the CDC expects more cases and cautioned local and state institutions to review pandemic preparedness plans. ž®½ç®¡å¦‚æ­¤åQŒèˆ’查特è¯ß_¼Œç–„¡—…预防控制中心预计会出现更多病例,òq¶æé†’地方和国家机构审查‹¹è¡Œç—…准备计划ã€? As of Wednesday, the coronavirus disease COVID-19. which was first diagnosed in Hubei province in mainland China, has reached 37 other countries, according to World Health Organization officials. 据世界卫生组¾l‡å®˜å‘˜è¯´åQŒæˆªè‡›_‘¨ä¸‰ï¼Œåœ¨ä¸­å›½å†…地湖北省首次¼‹®è¯Šçš„冠状病毒病COVID-19已经扩散到其ä»?7个国家ã€? ]]></description> </item><item><title>初三è‹Þp¯­é˜…读理解做题技巧在˜q™é‡ŒåQŒè®©ä½ å¿«é€Ÿæåˆ?/title> <link>http://www.2283235.live/show-612-466266-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[初三è‹Þp¯­é˜…读理解做题技巧在˜q™é‡ŒåQŒè®©ä½ å¿«é€Ÿæåˆ?   你的è‹Þp¯­æˆç‡W怎么样呢åQŸç›¸ä¿¡æœ‰çš„小伙伴成ç‡W不是很理惻I¼Œä½†æ˜¯ä½ åƒä¸‡ä¸è¦ç°å¿ƒï¼ŒäºÞZh都能学好è‹Þp¯­çš„,只是你学习方法还没有掌握åQŒä¸‹é¢å¬åŠ›è¯¾å ‚的老师ž®Þq»™æˆ‘们说说初三è‹Þp¯­é˜…读理解怎么做,希望对你有帮助ã€?   初三æƒÏxé«˜è‹±è¯­é˜…è¯È†è§£èƒ½åŠ›ï¼Œåšä»€ä¹ˆç»ƒä¹ å¥½   提高è‹Þp¯­é˜…读理解能力åQŒéœ€è¦åã^时多加练习,è‹Þp¯­é˜…读理解每天臛_°‘¾lƒä¹ ä¸€½‹‡ã€?   è‹Þp¯­é˜…读理解能力½Ž€å•çš„说就是:通过快速的阅读文章、材料,快速的提取ŒDµè½ã€æ–‡ç« çš„脉络和重点,促进整理归纳分析åQŒæé«˜åšé¢˜æ•ˆçŽ‡ã€‚快速阅è¯ÀL˜¯ä¸€¿Ué«˜æ•ˆçš„阅读æ–ÒŽ³•åQŒå…¶åŽŸç†åœ¨äºŽ‹È€‹z?ldquo;眹{€è„‘”的潜能,培养和提高阅读速度、整体感知、归¾U³ç†è§£ã€æ³¨æ„åŠ›é›†ä¸­½{‰æ–¹é¢çš„能力åQŒå¯¹åº”于阅读理解斚w¢çš„帮助很大。快速阅è¯Èš„¾lƒä¹ å¯ä»¥å‚考《精è‹Þq‰¹å…¨è„‘速读记忆》。掌握快速阅è¯ÕdŽåQŒå¯ä»¥å¿«é€Ÿçš„å¯ÒŽ–‡ç« çš„关键信息˜q›è¡Œæå–åQŒæé«˜åšé¢˜æ•ˆçŽ‡å’Œå‡†ç¡®æ€§ï¼ŒåŒæ—¶å¯èŠ‚¾U¦å¤§é‡çš„æ—‰™—´åQŒåšåˆ°æ¸¸åˆƒæœ‰ä½™ã€?   做英语阅è¯È†è§£çš„时候要注意åQšé˜…è¯ÀL—¶ä¸è¦é€å­—逐句的翻译,也不要一句话反复阅读åQŒå³é˜…读时碰åˆîC¸€æ—¶ä¸ç†è§£çš„句子就一遍一遍地沉浸在阅读那个句子当中,反复琢磨。其实完全没有必要,因äؓ要选对½{”案òq¶ä¸æ„å‘³ç€å¯¹åŽŸæ–‡çš„每个句子都要è¯ÀL‡‚åQŒæŠ“住一些重点句子就够了åQŒæ­£¼‹®çš„做法是,以理解整个段落和整篇文章ä¸ÞZ¸»åQŒåœ¨æ¶ëŠ›–出题点的句子上用心捉摸ã€? 初三è‹Þp¯­é˜…读理解   要提高阅è¯È†è§£ä¸Žå®ŒåŞ填空的能力ã€?   1.理解文章的标题ã€?因äؓ标题是文章的中心或甚臛_¯ä»¥è¯´æ˜¯æ–‡ç« çš„眼睛。因此必™å»è®¤çœŸåœ°å®¡é¢˜å’Œç†è§£é¢˜ç›®æœ¬íw«çš„含义ã€?   2.抓住关键词,排除隑֏¥ç”šè‡³è·Œ™¿‡éš‘֏¥ã€?阅读理解中的隑֏¥çŠ¹å¦‚拦èµ\虎,让äh无法理解全篇åQŒä×o人望而生畏。难句一般是比较长的句子åQŒå³ä¸ÖM»Žå¤åˆå¥ã€åƈ列句或倒装句等½{‰ï¼Œæ¯”较复杂。同学们应抓住句中的关键词,正确分析句意、段落大意就能理解各个句子的语法成分åQŒåƈ能理解它们之间的关系ã€?   3.通读全文åQŒæŽŒæ¡å¤§æ„ï¼ŒæŠ“住中心思想ã€?一½‹‡å®Œæ•´çš„阅读文章通常都有中心思想åQŒé‡‡ç”¨é€Ÿè¯»æ³•ç²—略的‹¹è§ˆå…¨æ–‡åQŒåˆæ­¥äº†è§£å¤§æ„ï¼ŒèŽ·å¾—一些主要信息。阅è¯ÀL—¶æ²¡æœ‰å¿…要把每一句话及每个词都作为重ç‚ÒŽ¥é˜…读åQŒåªç”¨æŠŠç›®å…‰èšé›†åœ¨å…³é”®è¯ä¸Šå°±è¡Œã€?   4.˜qç”¨ä¸Šä¸‹æ–‡çš„逻辑来猜‹¹‹ã€è§£é‡Šè¯ä¹‰ã€?阅读中我们难免会¼„°åˆ°è®¸å¤šçš„生词,不要惊慌失措。我们可以通过构词法、同义句、反义词、因果关¾pÕd’Œä¸Šä¸‹æ–‡çš„提示和暗½Cºï¼ŒçŒœå‡ºå…¶æ„ã€‚假如真猜不出来åQŒä¹Ÿä¸è¦æŠŠæ—¶é—´å…¨‹¹ªè´¹åœ¨ä¸€ä¸ªå•è¯ä¸ŠåQŒèŸ©˜q‡åŽ»æŽ¥ç€˜q›è¡Œä¸‹ä¸ªéƒ¨åˆ†çš„阅诅R€?   5.带问题进行阅读,提前看文章后的问题,对这些问题做出初步的选择或判断ã€?在快速阅è¯Õd®Œä¸€éä¹‹åŽï¼Œç€é‡çœ‹ä¸€ä¸‹æ–‡ç« åŽé¢æ‰€¾l™å‡ºçš„问题,然后再重新阅è¯Õd…¨æ–‡ã€‚è¿™‹Æ¡é˜…è¯ÖM‹É用蟩è¯Èš„æ–ÒŽ³•åQŒåœ¨è·Œ™¯»çš„过½E‹ä¸­ä¸æ–­çš„寻扄¡­”题时所需要的信息和知识。应着重注意文章中的时间、地炏V€äh物、数字、主要情节及因果关系½{‰ã€‚一旦找到答案便可以停止˜q™ä¸€éƒ¨åˆ†çš„阅诅R€? 初三è‹Þp¯­é˜…读理解   6 .要提高阅è¯Èš„速度ã€?阅读的速度也是阅读˜q‡ç¨‹å½“中非常重要的一部分ã€?   1)要尽量抑制嘴唇的动作和低声阅è¯Èš„习惯ã€?   2)克服阅读时眼睛回视的习惯ã€?   3)æ ÒŽ®æ–‡ç« ½‹‡å¹…的长短、难易程度和阅读的要求来¼‹®å®šé˜…读的速度ã€?通常情况下阅è¯È†è§£æ–‡ç« éƒ½è¦æ±‚在一定的旉™—´å†…完成。因此,同学们可æ ÒŽ®æ–‡ç« çš„长短来军_®šè‡ªå·±çš„阅读速度;相对比较隄¡š„文章也要注意速度åQŒå¦‚果读的太慢可能会在规定或剩余的时间内不能按时完成;但有时读的太快,反而会造成许多不应出现的错误ã€?   4)要直接理解全文,而不要进行逐字逐句的翻译ã€?直接理解全文åQŒé¿å…é€å­—逐句¾˜»è¯‘åQŒè¿™æ˜¯æé«˜é˜…读速度的最快最好的办法ã€?   7 .抓住重点句、段ã€?阅读时要重视首尾ŒDµå’Œé¦–末句。通常情况åQŒå¯ä»¥ä»Žæ–‡ç« çš„首ŒDµå’Œé¦–句中捕捉到文章大意和体裁等信息。而文章的ž®¾æ®µå’Œæœ«å¥å¾€å¾€æ˜¯æ–‡ç« æˆ–ŒDµè½çš„灵™ì‚。首ŒD늮€è¦çš„提出文章的主旨或点名人物、时间、地炏V€æ–‡åŒ–背景等。尾ŒDµåˆ™æ˜¯ä¸»é¢˜çš„概括或归¾UŸë€‚如寚w¦–ž®¾æ®µå’Œé¦–末句加以整理åQŒåŒå­¦ä»¬ž®×ƒ¼šæ‚Ÿå‡ºæ–‡ç« çš„主题、中心思想åQŒåŒæ—¶è¿˜å¯ä»¥å‡å°‘生词和难句的障碍ã€?   8 .扑օ³é”®è¯ã€å¥ã€?阅读时要善于抓住关键词、句。比如:数字、时间、地炏V€ä¸­å¿ƒäh物等。特别是一些重要的兌™”词。如åQšwhichåQŒbutåQŒasåQŒbecauseåQŒandåQŒforåQŒwhen½{‰ã€‚对文中的关键词句,首先要理解其基本意思,其次要理解它们在文中的具体意思,最后要æ ÒŽ®ä¸Šä¸‹æ–‡æ¥æŽ¨æ•²å…¶æ·±å±‚含义ã€?   做完形填½Iºé¢˜éƒ½åº”该注意以下方法:   1.æ€ÖM½“把握   要通读完åŞ填空的短文,跌™¿‡½Iºæ ¼å¿«é€Ÿé˜…读,了解全篇的主要内宏V€‚切不可把宝è´ëŠš„æ—‰™—´‹¹ªè´¹åœ¨ä¸ªåˆ«å­—句推敲上ã€?   2.弄清体裁   文章体裁通常分äؓ四种åQšè®º˜q°æ–‡ã€è®°å™æ–‡ã€è¯´æ˜Žæ–‡å’Œåº”用文。中考选文以叙事性文章äؓ主,如:òq½é»˜æ•…事、科普知识、童话、简短新闅R€åäºø™½¶äº‹ã€ç¤¾ä¼šçƒ­ç‚šw—®é¢˜ç­‰ã€‚读˜q™ç±»æ–‡ç« åQŒè¦å¤§ä½“上了解故事所涉及的时间、地炏V€äh物、事件及前因后果ã€?   3.重视主题å?   完åŞ填空所用的短文一般不¾l™æ ‡é¢˜ï¼Œä½†çŸ­æ–‡çš„主题句,往往在每ŒD‰|–‡ç« çš„首句åQŒæœ‰æ—¶ä¹Ÿå‡ºçŽ°åœ¨æ–‡ç« çš„中间或结束处。主题句提供全篇的性质、大意等åQŒè¿™æ˜¯æ·±å…¥äº†è§£å…¨æ–‡çš„“½H—口”åQŒç”šè‡Œ™ƒ½ä»¥è¯­å¥äؓ立èƒö点,从该句的时态、语气推‹¹‹å…¨æ–‡çš„主要内容ã€?   4.语境联想   利用上下文的提示åQŒç”¨å­¦è¿‡çš„知识和已有的生‹zȝ»éªŒï¼Œæ‰«æ¸…部分词汇理解上的障碍ã€?   初三è‹Þp¯­é˜…读理解题怎么å?è¯ÖM¹¦ä¸Šé¢ç›æ€¿¡ž®ä¼™ä¼´éƒ½æŽŒæ¡æŠ€å·§äº†å§ï¼Œå­¦è‹±è¯­ä¸èƒ½ä¸€íy´è€Œå°±åQŒæˆ‘们应该天天学习,天天背诵、朗读,¿U¯ç¯å•è¯å’ŒçŸ­è¯­ï¼Œ˜q™æ ·æ‰èƒ½è€ƒé«˜åˆ†ï¼Œå¦‚果你还有什么不懂的可以咨询听力译֠‚的老师哦ã€? ]]></description> </item><item><title>è‹Þp¯­å£è¯­ä¸€ç‚šw€šçš„特点有哪些?è‹Þp¯­å£è¯­ä¸€ç‚šw€šå¥½ç”¨å—åQ?/title> <link>http://www.2283235.live/show-612-466265-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[è‹Þp¯­å£è¯­ä¸€ç‚šw€šçš„特点有哪些?è‹Þp¯­å£è¯­ä¸€ç‚šw€šå¥½ç”¨å—åQ?   大家在练习英语口语的时候,可以使用一些学习工å…øP¼Œæ¯”如è‹Þp¯­å£è¯­ä¸€ç‚šw€šï¼Œé‚£ä¹ˆè‹Þp¯­å£è¯­ä¸€ç‚šw€šçš„特点有哪äº?è‹Þp¯­å£è¯­ä¸€ç‚šw€šå¥½ç”¨å—?今天听力译֠‚ž®Þq»™å¤§å®¶å…·ä½“介绍下这些问题ã€? è‹Þp¯­å£è¯­ä¸€ç‚šw€?   è‹Þp¯­å£è¯­ä¸€ç‚šw€šä»‹¾l?   《英语口语一炚w€šã€‹æ˜¯å…¨çƒé¦–款双语音便携智能数码口语训¾lƒä¸“å®Óž¼Œç”±æ¸…华同方联合美国纽¾U¦å¤§å­¦ã€è‹±å›½å¸ƒé‡Œæ–¯æ‰˜å°”大学、英国利兹大å­?大名校百名英语教学专å®Óž¼ŒåŽ†æ—¶8òq´å€‘ÖŠ›æ‰“造。是专äؓ企业白领、商务äh士、政界精英量íw«å®šåˆ¶çš„高端学习品牌。它以èín心亲临其境,视、听、说、触多感官同步刺‹È€çš?ldquo;全景‹¹¸å…¥å¼å­¦ä¹?rdquo;åQŒå½»åº•é¢ è¦†äº†ä¸­å›½äººæ­»è®°ç¡¬èƒŒçš„传统è‹Þp¯­å­¦ä¹ æ¨¡å¼!政商¾_¾è‹±ã€èƒ¦æ™ºé˜¶å±‚从此迎来智能高效的口语学习时代!   è‹Þp¯­å£è¯­ä¸€ç‚šw€šç‰¹è‰?   能听会说的智能笔   采用“¾U¢å¤–识别¾pȝ»Ÿ”å’?ldquo;音频信息数字加密印刷”两大高新技术,通过¾U¢å¤–光学传感器识别印刷在书本上的数字水印åQŒå®žçŽ°ç‚¹å­—说话的功能。一“ç‚?rdquo;ž®±å‡ºå£ŽÍ¼Œè®©å­¦ä¹ è€…视、听、触½{‰å¤šæ„Ÿå®˜åŒæ—¶å¾—到丰富的刺‹È€åQŒè®°å¿†æ›´æ·±ï¼Œç†è§£æ›´å…¨é¢ã€?   随叫随到的私人外æ•?   是一位听得懂、会说话、能录音的全天候陪¾lƒä¸“å®Óž¼Œä¸ä¸ŠåŸ¹è®­ç­ï¼Œä¸ç”¨ä¸“门花时é—ß_¼Œæ— è®ºåœ°é“ã€æœºåœºã€èžR上、上下班路上、公司还是家里,随时随地打开口袋书、用æ™ø™ƒ½½W”一点,四位主讲外教卛_ˆ»é¢å¯¹æ•™ä½ è¯´è‹±è¯­ï¼Œå¯¹è¯ã€é™ª¾lƒï¼Œæ™ø™ƒ½¾U æ­£å‘音åQŒæ¯”真正的外教更方便、更自由!   出国口语速成工具   内设12个主题ã€?70个场景ã€?000多句对话åQŒåŸºæœ¬æ¶µç›–了国外工作生活的全部场景对话,½Ž€çŸ­ã€ç²¾ç‚¹{€å®žç”¨ï¼Œå­¦ä¹ è€…èín临其境、心临其境,全景‹¹¸æˆö式对¾lƒï¼Œå›_­¦å³ç”¨åQŒå½“天即能开口说ã€?0天轻村֒Œè€å¤–交流åQŒå‡ºå›½æ—…游、考察一切场景轻村ֺ”å¯?   口袋里的“æ™ø™ƒ½¾˜»è¯‘”   æ™ø™ƒ½½W”、口袋书åQŒç²¾å·§æ—¶ž®šï¼Œéšèín携带极其方便åQŒèín在国外,购物、就˜¡ã€ç™»æœºã€é—®è·¯ï¼Œæ— è®ºä»ÖM½•åœºæ™¯åQŒåªéœ€¾˜Õd¼€ä¹¦ï¼Œæ‰‘Öˆ°ç›¸åº”对话åQŒç”¨½W”è½»è½ÖM¸€ç‚¹ï¼Œå›_ˆ»å®Œæˆå’Œè€å¤–的交‹¹å¯¹è¯ï¼Œä¸€åˆ‡æ²Ÿé€šéš¾é¢˜è¿Žåˆƒè€Œè§£!   è½Õdéy便捷、英语随íw«ã€å­¦ä¹ éšíw«ã€?   地铁、公交、飞æœÞZ¸Šã€èžR里、床上、马桶上……   无论在哪里,随时随地都能学,忙里偷闲åQŒè½»æ‘Ö­¦ä¼šæµåˆ©è‹±è¯­ã€?   即点卌™¯»ã€æ“ä½œç®€å•ã€è½»æ‘Ö­¦ä¹ ã€?   不背单词、不学语法、无需电脑åQŒæ²¡æœ‰å¤æ‚操作ã€?   轻轻一点,惛_­¦å“ªä¸ªç‚¹å“ªä¸ªï¼Œéœ€è¦å“ªä¸ªå­¦å“ªä¸ªåQŒç®€å•è½»æ‘Ö®žçŽ°é«˜æ•ˆå­¦ä¹ ã€?   现学现用、随学随用、简单速成ã€?   15主题170个实用情景ã€?   ä»?èµäh­¥åQŒé€çñ”深入åQŒå…¨æ–¹ä½å®žç”¨è‹Þp¯­è½ÀL¾æŽŒæ¡ã€?   也可以在见到老外前,针对相应场景½Hå‡»5分钟åQŒå³å¯å¯¹½{”如‹¹ã€?   20天流利说è‹Þp¯­!   独创“全景‹¹¸å…¥å¼å­¦ä¹ æ³•”åQŒäؓ学习者营造了一套用è‹Þp¯­æ€ç»´ã€åœ¨ä¸åŒåœºåˆ˜q›è¡Œä¸åŒçš„表达、不同的会话状态及情çÈA状态下说什么及如何说的全新¾pȝ»Ÿè®­ç»ƒè¯­å¢ƒã€‚让学习者能够进入真实的生活、工作场景进行互动交‹¹ï¼Œç‰|´»˜qç”¨è¯­è¨€åQŒæŽŒæ¡äº¤è°ˆæŠ€å·§ã€‚通过看、听、说、触多感官全方位同步刺激åQŒè®©å­¦ä¹ è€…从0èµäh­¥åQ?0天内快速、高效地掌握è‹Þp¯­ä¼šè¯äº¤æµæŠ€å·§ä¸Žèƒ½åŠ›ã€?   全景角色问答——¾lƒå‡º“è‹Þp¯­è„?rdquo;   15个主题ã€?70个实用场景营造全方位真实语境åQŒå­¦ä¹ è€…èín心如临真境,始终处于è‹Þp¯­æ€ç»´çŽ¯å¢ƒä¸­ï¼Œå‘音、语气、语调等è‹Þp¯­å…ƒç´ æ½œç§»é»˜åŒ–åœ?ldquo;植入”大脑中,è‹Þp¯­è¡¨è¾¾ä¹ æƒ¯åœ¨å¤§è„‘中形成条äšg反射åQŒè§åˆ°ç›¸åº”场景,自然反应å‡ø™‹±è¯­è¡¨è¾¾æ–¹å¼?   外教真äh发音——听出“è‹Þp¯­è€?rdquo;   è‹Þq¾Žå¤–教全天候陪¾lƒï¼Œéšæ—¶éšåœ°çœŸäh发声åQŒåˆ†ä¸»é¢˜ã€åˆ†åœºæ™¯˜q›é˜¶å¼å¬åŠ›è®­¾lƒã€‚在地道¾U¯æ­£ã€æµç•…美妙的è‹Þp¯­å‘音中,è€Ïxœµè¢«å”¤é†’,听力潜能被激发。让学习者遇到老外æ—Óž¼Œä¸€å¬å°±æ‡‚,再也不会出现‹z‹å‘韛_¬ä¸æ‡‚½{”不上的情况ã€?   人机互动对练——说出“è‹Þp¯­å˜?rdquo;   从口语交际实际需要出发,¾_‘Ö¿ƒè®¾è®¡çš„场景对话,½Ž€çŸ­ã€ç²¾ç‚¹{€å®žç”¨ï¼Œåœ¨äh、机互动对练中,与英¾ŸŽå¤–教对话、交‹¹ï¼Œæ‰“造地道正宗英式、美式发韻I¼Œé¿å…“山寨è‹Þp¯­”ã€?ldquo;地方方言”。不知不觉间åQŒåŽŸæ±åŽŸå‘Œ™‹±è¯­è„±å£è€Œå‡º! è‹Þp¯­å£è¯­ä¸€ç‚šw€?   è‹Þp¯­å£è¯­ä¸€ç‚šw€šapp介绍   è‹Þp¯­å£è¯­ä¸€ç‚šw€šapp是一‹Æ¾è‹±è¯­å­¦ä¹ åº”用,è‹Þp¯­å£è¯­ä¸€ç‚šw€šapp为用æˆäh‰“造一个英语教学åã^収ͼŒæ–¹ä¾¿ç”¨æˆ·é€šè¿‡è½¯äšg了解更多è‹Þp¯­å­¦ä¹ èµ„æ–™åQŒäؓ用户学习è‹Þp¯­æä¾›å¸®åŠ©ã€?   功能介绍   你还在äؓ自己不懂英文意思而感到烦恼吗?你还在äؓ自己英文发音不标准感到苦恼吗?有了它,一切都搞定åQŒè‹±è¯­ä¸€ç‚šw€šï¼Œæä¾›äº†è‹±æ–‡å•è¯ã€å¥å­ä¸­æ–‡æŸ¥è¯?中英互è{)åQŒæ”¯æŒæ ‡å‡†å‘韻I¼Œæ˜¯ä½ å­¦ä¹ è‹Þp¯­ã€ç»ƒä¹ å‘声的必备工具ã€?   学英语口语一炚w€šæœ‰ç”¨å—?   全都是正版的呢,而且效果˜q˜æ˜¯å¾ˆå¥½çš„,我用了半个月效果不错呢,而且˜q™ä¸ªçŽ°åœ¨ç”¨çš„äºÞZ¹ŸæŒºå¤šçš„,如果你要买的话可以先去详¾l†çš„了解下ã€?   通过以上的内容,我们已经了解了英语口语一炚w€šçš„特点了,可见åQŒè‹±è¯­å£è¯­ä¸€ç‚šw€šæ˜¯éžå¸¸ä¸é”™çš„,很多同学都在使用åQŒæœ‰éœ€è¦è‹±è¯­å£è¯­ä¸€ç‚šw€šçš„同学åQŒå¯ä»¥å’¨è¯¢å¬åŠ›è¯¾å ‚ã€? ]]></description> </item><item><title>航空公司为经‹¹Žèˆ±ä¹˜å®¢æä¾›ž®åž‹åŒå±‚åº?/title> <link>http://www.2283235.live/show-7804-466259-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[Airline launches tiny bunk beds for economy-class fliers 航空公司为经‹¹Žèˆ±ä¹˜å®¢æä¾›ž®åž‹åŒå±‚åº? Shut-eye in the sky is finally a reality for airlines’ lowest-paying customers. 对航½Iºå…¬å¸çš„¾læµŽèˆ×ƒ¹˜å®¢æ¥è¯ß_¼Œåœ¨ç©ºä¸­ç¡è§‰ç»ˆäºŽæˆä¸ÞZº†çŽ°å®žã€? On Tuesday, Air New Zealand took the sheets off their new economy-class sleeping pods. The airline also filed patent and trademark applications for the “Economy Skynest,” CNN reports. 周二åQŒæ–°è¥¿å…°èˆªç©ºå…¬å¸(Air New Zealand)揭开了经‹¹Žèˆ±æ–°ç¡èˆÞqš„床单。据¾ŸŽå›½æœ‰çº¿ç”µè§†æ–°é—»¾|‘报道,该航½Iºå…¬å¸è¿˜ä¸?ldquo;天å°l”甌™¯·äº†ä¸“利和商标ã€? “Shhhhhhh . . . napping in progress” reads the outside of the box containing the six bunks outfitted with low purple lighting. “å˜?hellip;…“正在午睡”åQŒå…­ä¸ªé“ºä½çš„外面写着ã€? Each individual pod is 22 inches by 78 inches — making it roughly the same length but over a foot slimmer than the average twin mattress — and comes with a pillow, sheets, blanket, earplugs and privacy curtains, with the possibility of also eventually being outfitted with reading lights and USB outlets. 每个吊舱22×78英寸,光™•¿åº¦å¤§è‡´ç›¸åŒï¼Œä½†åœ¨ä¸€è‹±å°ºè‹—条比一般的双床åž?附带了一个枕å¤?床单,毛毯,耛_¡žå’Œéš¿Uçš„½H—帘,也可能最¾lˆä¼šé…å¤‡é˜…读灯和USB插åñ”ã€? “For those who have dreamed of having their own nest mid-flight, your lie-flat dreams could come true,” reads the caption on a promotional video for the cheap-seats sleeper innovation. “Unveiling a groundbreaking new sleep zone for economy-class travelers.” “对于那些梦想在飞行途中拥有自己的鸟巢的人来è¯ß_¼ŒòqŒ™h的梦惛_¯èƒ½ä¼šå®žçŽ°åQ?rdquo;˜q™æ¬¾å»‰ä­h座椅卧铺创新产品的宣传视频中˜q™æ ·å†™é“ã€?ldquo;为经‹¹Žèˆ±æ—…客开辟了一个全新的睡眠区ã€?rdquo; Three years of research and input from 200 Auckland area customers went into the slumber crates, CNN reports. Where the bed-box would be positioned in an aircraft is as yet undecided, although in the video they are positioned at the end of an aisle of economy triple-seaters. And with only six sleeper opportunities per aircraft, passengers will likely have to sprint to score one. 据美国有¾U¿ç”µè§†æ–°é—ȝ½‘报道åQŒç»˜q?òq´çš„研究åQ?00名奥克兰地区的顾客进入了梦工厂。虽然在视频中,睡床位置被安排在一排经‹¹Žèˆ±ä¸‰åñ”位的后面åQŒä½†åœ¨é£žæœÞZ¸ŠåQŒç¡åºŠçš„位置其实˜q˜æ²¡æœ‰å†³å®šã€‚由于每枉™£žæœºåªæœ?个卧铺,乘客们很可能要冲刺才能得åˆîC¸€ä¸ªã€? Although the airline says the Skynest meets all regulatory requirements, CNN notes they will not finalize their decision to use them until 2021, once they’ve had time to assess the viability of their new Auckland-to-New York flights, which take off in October 2020. That flight, which would take about 17 hours and 40 minutes, is set to be one of the world’s longest — perhaps a good reason for economy passengers to take a nap. ž®½ç®¡è¯¥èˆª½Iºå…¬å¸è¡¨½Cºï¼Œ“天å°l”½W¦åˆæ‰€æœ‰ç›‘½Ž¡è¦æ±‚,但CNN指出åQŒä¸€æ—¦ä»–们有旉™—´è¯„ä¼°2020òq?0月è“v飞的新奥克兰至纽¾U¦èˆªç­çš„可行性,他们ž®†åœ¨2021òq´å‰æœ€¾lˆå†³å®šæ˜¯å¦ä‹Éç”?ldquo;天å°l”。这­‘Ÿèˆªç­å¤§¾U¦éœ€è¦?7ž®æ—¶40分钟åQŒå°†æ˜¯ä¸–界上最长的航班之一——也许是经‹¹Žèˆ±ä¹˜å®¢ž®ç¡çš„好理由ã€? At least they won’t have to worry about invading someone else’s in-flight space. 臛_°‘他们不必担心ä¾ëŠŠ¯åˆ«äh的飞行空间ã€? ]]></description> </item><item><title>­‘…过70%有孩子的¾ŸŽå›½äºø™®¤ä¸ÞZ»–们比父母更好 http://www.2283235.live/show-7804-466258-1.html æùN¼ æ›´å–œ‹Æ¢ç”¨å“ªä¸ªçˆªå­åQ?/title> <link>http://www.2283235.live/show-9944-466257-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[A study at the University of Exeter in January 2020 found that squirrels that strongly favored a paw – whether right or left – perform less well at learning tasks. Ah ... OK. So. Many. Questions. 埃克塞特大学(University of Exeter)åœ?020òq?月进行的一™å¹ç ”½I¶å‘玎ͼŒéžå¸¸å–œæ¬¢çˆªå­çš„松é¼?mdash;—无论是右撇子˜q˜æ˜¯å·¦æ’‡å­?mdash;—在学习ä“Q务中的表现都不太好。啊…好吧。所以,有很多问题ã€? The first? How did the researchers discover that squirrels favored a side (known as lateralization) in the first place? Moreover, once they knew which paw the squirrel preferred, how did they know the information was an intelligence or performance indicator? Finally, what does it all mean? Can researchers really draw substantive conclusions between lateralization and learning in squirrels and/or humans? Let's see. ½W¬ä¸€åQšç ”½I¶äh员是如何发现æùN¼ é¦–先喜欢一个侧é?¿UîCؓ侧化)çš?此外åQŒä¸€æ—¦ä»–们知道松鼠更喜欢哪只爪子åQŒä»–们又如何知道˜q™äº›ä¿¡æ¯æ˜¯æ™ºåŠ›æˆ–表现指标å‘?最后,˜q™ä¸€åˆ‡æ„å‘³ç€ä»€ä¹?研究人员真的能在æùN¼ å’?或äh¾cȝš„偏侧化和学习之间得出实质性结论吗?我们一èµäh¥çœ‹çœ‹ã€? Like humans, other animals often favor one side of their body for certain tasks. For example, if you ask your dog to shake hands, he may always offer his left (or right.) The frequency of his offer varies according to the degree of lateralization in the animal. 和äh¾cÖM¸€æ øP¼Œå…¶ä»–动物也经常喜‹Æ¢ç”¨íw«ä½“的一侧来完成某些ä»ÕdŠ¡ã€‚例如,如果你让你的狗握手,他可能æ€ÀL˜¯å‘你伸出它的左手(或右æ‰?。äŽ×出左åÏx‰‹çš„频率根据动物的偏侧½E‹åº¦è€Œä¸åŒã€? Dr. Lisa Leaver is the program director of the Master Science Exeter Animal Behavior program. She says some studies suggest that lateralization makes brains more efficient because each brain hemisphere is focusing on particular tasks. Lisa Leaver博士是埃克塞特动物行为硕士项目的™å¹ç›®ä¸ÖM“Q。她è¯ß_¼Œä¸€äº›ç ”½I¶è¡¨æ˜Žï¼Œä¾§åŒ–使大脑更有效率,因äؓ每个大脑半球都专注于特定的ä“Q务ã€? "This could help animals survive," said Leaver in a news release, "Which would explain the evolution of laterality across the animal kingdom." “˜q™å¯ä»¥æœ‰åŠ©äºŽåŠ¨ç‰©ç”Ÿå­˜åQ?rdquo;利弗在新é—ȝ¨¿ä¸­è¯´åQ?ldquo;˜q™å°†è§£é‡Šæ•´ä¸ªåŠ¨ç‰©çŽ‹å›½çš„偏侧性进化ã€?rdquo; She explained that in fish and birds there was evidence that being strongly lateralized meant for better brain function, but that "limited data from studies of mammals suggest a weak or even negative relationship." 她解释说åQŒåœ¨é±¼ç±»å’Œé¸Ÿ¾cÖM¸­åQŒæœ‰è¯æ®è¡¨æ˜ŽåQŒå¼ºçƒˆçš„侧化意味着更好的大脑功能,ä½?ldquo;来自å“ÞZã^动物研究的有限数据表明,˜q™ç§å…³ç³»å¾ˆå¼±åQŒç”šè‡Ïx˜¯è´Ÿé¢çš„ã€?rdquo; Leaver and her colleagues were looking for whether there was a correlation between strong lateralization and poor cognitive performance, and they used the gray squirrels at Exeter's Streatham Campus as their subjects. 利弗和她的同事们正在å¯ÀL‰¾å¼ºåä¾§åŒ–和认知能力差之间是否存在相关性,他们ž®†åŸƒå…‹å¡žç‰¹å¤§å­¦æ–¯ç‰šw›·ç‘Ÿå§†æ ¡åŒºçš„灰æùN¼ ä½œäؓ研究对象ã€? In the study, the squirrels had to finagle peanuts out of a transparent tube. Typically, squirrels grab food with their mouths but there was a problem: The tube was too narrow for the squirrel's mouth. It had to use a paw. Researchers watched more than 30 squirrels, collecting enough data from 12 of the subjects for their report. They wanted to see how quickly each squirrel figured out the problem (assessing learning) and whether they favored one paw over the other (determining lateralization). 在这™å¹ç ”½I¶ä¸­åQŒæ¾é¼ ä»¬ä¸å¾—不用透明的管子取得花生。一般情况下åQŒæ¾é¼ æ˜¯ç”¨å˜´èŽ·å–食物åQŒä½†çŽ°åœ¨æœ‰ä¸€ä¸ªé—®é¢˜ï¼š½Ž¡å­å¤ªçª„åQŒä¸é€‚合æùN¼ çš„嘴。所以它必须用爪子。研½I¶äh员观察了30多只æùN¼ åQŒä»Žå…¶ä¸­12只松鼠èín上收集了­‘›_¤Ÿçš„数据用于他们的报告。他们想看看每只æùN¼ æœ‰å¤šå¿«å‘现问é¢?评估学习能力)åQŒä»¥åŠå®ƒä»¬æ˜¯å¦åçˆ×ƒ¸€åªçˆªå­è€Œä¸æ˜¯å¦ä¸€åªçˆªå­?¼‹®å®šä¾§åŒ–能力)ã€? Their conclusion? They say that strongly lateralized squirrels are not as good at learning (which seems counterintuitive considering the problem the squirrel just had to solve). Interestingly, some research also suggests that ambidextrous people (those who favor neither right nor left hand) may be more creative. Again, squirrels may beg to differ. 他们的结论怎样?他们è¯ß_¼Œé«˜åº¦åä¾§åŒ–çš„æùN¼ ä¸å–„于学ä¹?考虑到松鼠必™å»è§£å†³çš„问题åQŒè¿™ä¼ég¹Ž˜qåç›´è§‰)。有­‘£çš„是,一些研½I¶è¿˜è¡¨æ˜ŽåQŒåŒçµåéy的äh(那些既不偏右手也不偏左手的äh)可能更有创造力。同æ øP¼ŒæùN¼ å¯èƒ½ä¼šæ±‚同存异ã€? ]]></description> </item><item><title>55岁以后的生活其实很有­‘?/title> <link>http://www.2283235.live/show-7804-466256-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[They say youth is wasted on the young, but who says you can’t have fun in old age? Our culture tends to look at older adults as over the hill and past their prime, but a recent survey of 2,000 British adults is illustrating just how much fun life after the age of 55 can be. äºÞZ»¬å¸¸è¯´òq´è½»äººæµªè´¹äº†é’春åQŒä½†è°åˆè¯´äh老了ž®±æ²¡æœ‰ä¹­‘£äº†å‘?我们的文化們֐‘于认ä¸ø™€å¹´äººå·²¾lè¿‡äº†å·…峰时期,但最˜q‘一™åšw’ˆå¯?000名英国成òq´äh的调查显½Cºï¼Œ55岁以后的生活是多么有­‘£ã€? So many younger and middle-aged adults are just starting out professionally, and as such, end up devoting the majority of their time to their work. For many, these exhausting times can make it feel like life isn’t getting any easier. But, the over-55 crowd offers a pleasant reminder that retirement can be a light at the end of the 9-5 tunnel. Consider this: 69% of the survey’s respondents said they now have ample time to finally do all the activities and hobbies they want in their lives. 很多òq´è½»äººå’Œä¸­å¹´äººåˆšå¼€å§‹èŒä¸šç”Ÿæ¶¯ï¼Œå› æ­¤åQŒä»–们把大部分时间都花在了工作上。对很多人来è¯ß_¼Œ˜q™äº›è®©äh½{‹ç–²åŠ›å°½çš„æ—¶åˆÖM¼šè®©ä»–们觉得生‹zÕdƈ没有变得更轻松。但是,55岁以上的人群¾l™äº†ä¸€ä¸ªæ„‰å¿«çš„提醒:退休可能是朝九晚五隧道ž®½å¤´çš„一盏灯。想想看:69%的受访者表½Cºï¼Œä»–们现在有èƒö够的旉™—´åQŒæœ€¾lˆå®Œæˆç”Ÿ‹zÖM¸­æƒ›_šçš„所有活动和爱好ã€? According to the research, which was commissioned by Riviera Travel, 74% of respondents work out regularly each week, and 20% get in the gym at least once a month. Many older adults are also experiencing a renaissance in their social lives: 74% go out to eat at a restaurant at least once per month, and 32% get together with friends on a weekly basis. ˜q™é¡¹å—里¾l´åŸƒæ‹‰æ—…游公司委托开展的调查昄¡¤ºåQ?4%的受访者每周定期锻ç‚û|¼Œ20%的äh每月臛_°‘åŽÖM¸€‹Æ¡å¥íw«æˆ¿ã€‚许多老年äºÞZ¹Ÿæ­£åœ¨¾låŽ†½C¾äº¤ç”Ÿæ´»çš„复å…?74%的äh每月臛_°‘åŽÖM¸€‹Æ¡é¤é¦†åƒé¥­ï¼Œ32%的äh每周与朋友聚会ã€? Concerts and festivals are usually considered fare for younger generations, but 17% of surveyed over-55s go see their favorite musical artists at least once a month, and 31% attend festivals annually. 音乐会和音乐节通常被认为是òq´è½»ä¸€ä»£çš„节日åQŒä½†åœ?5岁以上的受访者中åQ?7%的äh每月臛_°‘åŽÈœ‹ä¸€‹Æ¡ä»–们最喜欢的音乐艺术家åQ?1%的äh每年参加音乐节ã€? Perhaps the most prevalent cultural stereotype when it comes to older adults is the image of grandpa or grandma struggling to make sense of their laptop or smartphone, stupefied by modern technology. This survey, though, is challenging that notion with 83% of respondents using their smartphone or tablet several times each week. Another 58% are active on social media, and 32% do most of their TV watching these days via Netflix or YouTube. 当谈到老年人时åQŒæœ€æ™®éçš„文化刻板印象可能是çˆïLˆ·æˆ–奶奶努力理解他们的½W”记本电脑或æ™ø™ƒ½æ‰‹æœºçš„åŞ象,被现代科技惊呆了。不˜q‡ï¼Œ˜q™é¡¹è°ƒæŸ¥å¯¹è¿™ä¸€è§‚点提出了挑战,83%的受访者每周ä‹É用几‹Æ¡æ™ºèƒ½æ‰‹æœºæˆ–òqÏx¿ç”µè„‘。另å¤?8%的äh在社交媒体上很活跃,32%的äh现在大部分时间都是通过Netflix或YouTube看电视ã€? A large percentage of surveyed older adults finally have the time to travel and see the world. In all, 39% have spent more than 20 days on vacation over just the past year. Only 27% of adults under 35 could say the same. In fact, many older respondents agreed they’re happy they waited until their later years to do most of their traveling, as now they are better equipped both financially and emotionally to really enjoy different parts of the world. 很大一部分接受调查的老年人终于有旉™—´æ—…行和看世界了。在˜q‡åŽ»çš„一òq´é‡ŒåQ?9%的äh在假期中度过äº?0多天。只æœ?7%çš?5岁以下的成年人可以这么说。事实上åQŒè®¸å¤šå¹´é•¿çš„受访者都同意åQŒä»–们很高兴½{‰åˆ°æ™šå¹´æ‰å¼€å§‹å¤§éƒ¨åˆ†çš„旅行,因äؓ现在他们在经‹¹Žå’Œæƒ…感上都有了更好的装备,可以真正享受世界各地的生‹z…R€? The majority of surveyed older adults are also enjoying good mental health as well. A significant 70% said they are feeling happy and content on a mental level, compared to 59% of adults under 35. Similarly, only 30% of the older respondents admitted to frequent bouts of stress or anxiety, while 63% of adults under 35 often feel stressed, and 60% battle anxiety. 大多数接受调查的老年äºÞZ¹Ÿäº«æœ‰è‰¯å¥½çš„心理健店÷€?0%的受访者表½Cºï¼Œä»–们在精¼œžå±‚面上感到快乐和满­‘»I¼Œè€?5岁以下的成年äºÞZ¸­˜q™ä¸€æ¯”例ä¸?9%。同æ øP¼Œåªæœ‰30%的老年受访者承认经常有压力或焦虑,è€?3%çš?5岁以下的成年人经常感到压力,60%的äh会感到焦虑ã€? All in all, it’s clear that older adults are, to put it simply, very happy. For instance, 72% are comfortable with their age, 64% are content in life, and 53% have never felt more confident. Moreover, another 53% said they feel much younger than what their date of birth says! æ€ÖM¹‹åQŒå¾ˆæ˜Žæ˜¾åQŒç®€å•åœ°è¯ß_¼Œè€å¹´äººæ˜¯éžå¸¸å¿«ä¹çš„。例如,72%的äh对自å·Þqš„òq´é¾„感到舒适,64%的äh对生‹zÀL„Ÿåˆ°æ»¡­‘»I¼Œ53%的äh从未有过自信。此外,˜q˜æœ‰53%的äh说他们觉得自己比实际òq´é¾„要年è½Õd¾—å¤? Of course, with old age comes wisdom. Respondents were asked if they had any advice for younger generations, and their most frequent response was always make time for your loved ones. Other popular answers included travel as much as possible, don’t be afraid of new things, don’t change to please other people, and try not to worry about the small stuff. 当然åQŒéšç€òq´é¾„的增长,智慧也会增长。受访者被问及他们是否对年è½ÖM¸€ä»£æœ‰ä»€ä¹ˆå¾è®®ï¼Œä»–们最常见的回½{”æ€ÀL˜¯ä¸ÞZ½ æ‰€çˆÞqš„äºø™…¾å‡ºæ—¶é—´ã€‚普遍的回答˜q˜åŒ…括尽可能多的旅行åQŒä¸è¦å®³æ€•æ–°äº‹ç‰©åQŒä¸è¦äؓ了取悦别äºø™€Œæ”¹å˜ï¼Œä¸è¦ä¸ºå°äº‹è€Œçƒ¦æ¹{€? ]]></description> </item><item><title>天文学家首次在另一个星¾pÖM¸­å‘现了分子氧 http://www.2283235.live/show-9944-466255-1.html 怕怕!喝牛奶会增加患äã^腺癌风险åQ?/title> <link>http://www.2283235.live/show-9944-466254-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[A worrying new study has warned that drinking dairy milk can increase your risk of breast cancer by up to 80%. 一™å¹ä×o人担忧的新研½I¶è¡¨½Cºï¼Œå–ç‰›å¥¶ä¼šä½¿ä½ æ‚£äã^腺癌的风险增åŠ?0%ã€? Researchers from Loma Linda University looked at the effect of drinking different types of milk on women’s breast cancer risk. ‹z›é©¬çŒ™¾¾å¤§å­¦çš„ç ”½I¶äh员,观察了饮用不同类型牛奶对å¥Ïx€§äã^腺癌风险的媄响ã€? Their findings suggest that even relatively moderate amounts of dairy milk can increase women’s risk of developing breast cancer. 他们的发现表明,即ä‹É相对适量的牛奶也会增加女性患乌™…ºç™Œçš„风险ã€? Dr Gary Fraser, who led the study, said: “Consuming as little as 1/4 to 1/3 cup of dairy milk per day was associated with an increased risk of breast cancer of 30%. 领导˜q™é¡¹ç ”究的加里弗é›äh³½åšå£«è¯ß_¼š“每天只喝1/4åˆ?/3杯牛å¥Óž¼Œæ‚£äã^腺癌的风险就会增åŠ?0%ã€?rdquo; “By drinking up to one cup per day, the associated risk went up to 50%, and for those drinking two to three cups per day, the risk increased further to 70% to 80%." “每天喝一杯,风险上升åˆ?0%åQŒè€Œå¯¹äºŽæ¯å¤©å–ä¸¤åˆ°ä¸‰æ¯çš„ähåQŒé£Žé™©è¿›ä¸€æ­¥ä¸Šå‡åˆ°70%åˆ?0%ã€?rdquo; In the study, the researchers analysed the diets of nearly 53,000 women in the US, all of who were initially cancer free, and were followed for nearly eight years. 在这™å¹ç ”½I¶ä¸­åQŒç ”½I¶äh员历时近8òqß_¼Œåˆ†æžäº†ç¾Žå›½è¿‘5.3万名å¥Ïx€§çš„饮食¾l“æž„åQŒè¿™äº›å¿—愿者最初都是没有患上癌症的ã€? At the end of the eight years, 1,057 women had been diagnosed with breast cancer. 八年来,共有1057名妇奌™¢«è¯Šæ–­æ‚£æœ‰ä¹Œ™…ºç™Œã€? An analysis of their diets revealed no clear link between soy products and breast cancer. 对他们饮食的分析昄¡¤ºåQŒå¤§è±†åˆ¶å“å’Œä¹Œ™…ºç™Œä¹‹é—´æ²¡æœ‰æ˜Žæ˜„¡š„联系ã€? However, the researchers were surprised to discover a strong link between the disease and milk consumption - whether it was full fat or nonfat milks. 然而,研究人员惊讶地发玎ͼŒæ— è®ºæ˜¯å…¨è„‚牛奶还是脱脂牛å¥Óž¼Œéƒ½ä¸Ž˜q™ç§ç–„¡—…有着密切的联¾p…R€? While the reason for this link remains unclear, the researchers suggest that it may be due to the presence of sex hormones in dairy milk. 虽然˜q™ç§è”系的原因尚不清楚,但研½I¶äh员认为,˜q™å¯èƒ½æ˜¯ç”׃ºŽç‰›å¥¶ä¸­å«æœ‰æ€§æ¿€ç´ ã€? However, speaking to Mirror Online, Dr Kotryna Temcinaite, Research Communications Manager at Breast Cancer Now, highlighted that the study doesn't prove a conclusive link. 然而,在接受《镜报》在¾U‰K‡‡è®¿æ—¶åQŒäã^腺癌研究沟通经理Kotryna Temcinaite博士å¼ø™°ƒåQŒè¿™™å¹ç ”½I¶åƈ不能证明两者之间存在决定性的联系ã€? She said: "While this US-based research suggests that consuming larger amounts of some dairy products could be linked to a higher risk of breast cancer, it does not prove a conclusive link. Currently, there is no definitive evidence about whether and how dairy products in the diet may affect someone’s chances of developing breast cancer. 她说åQ?ldquo;虽然˜q™é¡¹åŸÞZºŽ¾ŸŽå›½çš„ç ”½I¶è¡¨æ˜Žï¼Œé£Ÿç”¨å¤§é‡ä¹›_ˆ¶å“å¯èƒ½ä¸Žæ‚£äã^腺癌的风险更高有养I¼Œä½†åƈ不能证明˜q™æ˜¯ä¸€ä¸ªå†³å®šæ€§çš„联系。目前,˜q˜æ²¡æœ‰ç¡®åˆ‡çš„证据表明饮食中的乛_ˆ¶å“æ˜¯å¦ä»¥åŠå¦‚何媄响某人患乌™…ºç™Œçš„几率ã€?rdquo; ]]></description> </item><item><title>生命之流æ€Õdœ¨ä»¥ç¥ž¿U˜çš„方式˜qè{ http://www.2283235.live/show-138-466253-1.html 2020东奥会,耐克˜qåŠ¨æœâ€œè‡ªç„¶ä¸”真实â€?/title> <link>http://www.2283235.live/show-7804-466252-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[It’s easy to remember the 2012 Olympic Games, when the U.S. women’s gymnastics team won gold. The image is still burned into my retinas, not from the athletes’ blinding smiles, but from what they wore on the podium that evening: Gray and black tracksuits punctuated by electrically lime Nike “Volt” colored sneakers—a color that was suddenly everywhere, and is still fetishized by the high-design techwear industry. äºÞZ»¬å¾ˆå®¹æ˜“想èµøP¼Œåœ?012òq´å¥¥˜qä¼šä¸Šï¼Œ¾ŸŽå›½å¥›_­ä½“操队赢得金牌时的情景。如今依然æÕQ现在我眼前的不是˜qåŠ¨å‘˜ä»¬ç¿çƒ‚的笑脸,而是她们当晚在领奖台上穿着的灰黑相间的˜qåŠ¨æœä»¥åŠè€å…‹è§å…‰ç°è‰²çš?ldquo;Volt”(伏特)˜qåŠ¨éž‹ï¼Œå½“æ—¶˜q™ç§è§å…‰ç°çªç„¶æµè¡Œè“v来,而如今它依然备受时尚设计服装行业的追捧ã€? Volt has continued to be the color of progress in sports, a literal, brighter future looking right at you—and so over the years, Nike has resurrected it for important product launches. Volt一直代表着体育行业发展中的‹¹è¡Œè‰ÔŒ¼ŒåŒ…含着你将˜qŽæ¥æ›´ç¾Žå¥½çš„未来的意呻I¼Œå› æ­¤åQŒå¤šòq´æ¥åQŒè€å…‹åœ¨å‘布重要的产品旉™‡æ–°å¯ç”¨äº†è¯¥å“ç‰Œã€? But at this year’s Olympics in Tokyo, the tracksuits and shoes that Nike will provide athletes are a complete 180 from previous years. The uniforms are neutral in color—they appear to be white, but are actually a very faint gray. 然而,ä¸ÞZº†˜qŽæŽ¥ä»Šå¹´çš„东京奥˜qä¼šåQŒè€å…‹ä¸ø™¿åŠ¨å‘˜æä¾›çš„运动服和运动鞋则与往òq´å®Œå…¨ä¸åŒã€‚å…¶˜qåŠ¨æœçš„颜色是素净çš?mdash;—它们看上åŽÀL˜¯ç™½è‰²çš„,但实际上是浅灰色的ã€? “This year . . . it’s almost a denial of color . . . that we think is gonna be [the standout],” says John Hoke, chief design officer at Nike. He jokingly calls the new aesthetic “rawthentic.” “今年的设è®?hellip;…几乎是对颜色的否å®?hellip;…但我们认ä¸ø™¿™ä¼š[很突出]åQ?rdquo;耐克首席设计师约¾˜?middot;霍克说道。他½W‘称˜q™ç§æ–°çš„¾ŸŽå­¦“自然且真å®?rdquo;(rawthentic)ã€? Nike is reading the room: Both Japan and the Olympic Committee have made sustainability a big priority for the 2020 games. 耐克正在揣摩˜q™æ¬¡æœÞZ¼šåQšæ—¥æœ¬å’Œå¥¥å§”会都把可持箋发展作äؓ2020òq´å¥¥˜qä¼šçš„一大优先事™åV€? If all goes as planned, they will be powered 100% by renewable energy. Disposable plates and cups will be made from 65% renewable material. The city is trapping rainwater to be used for cleaning venues. Even the medals themselves are made from recycled materials—the precious metals inside were mined from 47 tons of old electronics, donated by citizens across Japan. 如果一切按计划˜q›è¡ŒåQŒåˆ™ä¸€åˆ‡éƒ½å¯ä»¥ç”¨å¯å†ç”Ÿèƒ½æºæä¾›åŠ¨åŠ›ã€‚一‹Æ¡æ€§ç›˜å­å’Œæ¯å­ž®†ç”±65%的可再生材料制成。东京在攉™›†é›¨æ°´ä»¥ç”¨äºŽæ¸…‹zæ¯”赛场馆。甚臌™¿žå¥–牌都是用回收材料制成的——奖牌中的贵金属是ä»?7吨旧电子产品中提取出来的åQŒè€Œè¿™äº›ç”µå­äñ”品则是由日本各地的市民捐赠的ã€? Why the lack of color? It’s both a function and symbol of sustainability as Nike moves to what it calls a “zero waste” production process. The jacket is made from 100% recycled polyester. The pants are made from 100% recycled nylon and polyester. The shape of its silhouette makes some concessions for efficient, puzzle piece-like pattern cutting, which allows Nike to use almost all of the fabric on a spool in the garments. Nike could have dyed the material, but instead, the company left it raw to signal its own virtue. 那äؓ什ä¹?耐克的设è®?¾~ÞZ¹è‰²å½©å‘?因äؓ˜q™æ—¢æ˜¯ä¸€¿Uè¡¨çŽŽÍ¼Œåˆæ˜¯å¯æŒ¾l­å‘展的象征åQŒè€Œä¸”耐克正在转向所谓的“零浪è´?rdquo;生äñ”‹¹ç¨‹ã€‚它的夹克杉完全是用回收的聚酯纤¾l´åˆ¶æˆçš„。它的裤子则完全是用回收的尼龙和聚酯¾U¤ç»´åˆ¶æˆçš„。äؓ了提高效率且以拼囄¡š„模式˜q›è¡Œè£å‰ªåQŒè€å…‹åœ¨è½®å»“åŞ状上做出了一些让步,˜q™ä‹É它几乎可以把¾lœçº±æœÞZ¸Šæ‰€æœ‰çš„¾l‡ç‰©éƒ½ç”¨åœ¨è¡£æœä¸Šã€‚耐克本可以äؓ˜q™ç§ææ–™æŸ“色的,然而,该公司却使其保持了原æ øP¼Œä»¥å˜ªæ˜‘Ö…¶ä¼˜ç‚¹ã€? ]]></description> </item><item><title>车站的蓝灯真的能防止自杀å? http://www.2283235.live/show-9944-466251-1.html 准备好拿着你的百事可乐求婚了吗 http://www.2283235.live/show-7804-466250-1.html 农民发现了失落已久的城市的线索,传说国王曑־æœäº†¼œžè¯ä¸­çš„˜qˆè¾¾æ–¯å›½çŽ?/title> <link>http://www.2283235.live/show-138-466249-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[Farmer Uncovers Clue To Long-Lost City Ruled By King Rumored To Have Conquered Mythical King Midas 农民发现了失落已久的城市的线索,传说国王曑־æœäº†¼œžè¯ä¸­çš„˜qˆè¾¾æ–¯å›½çŽ? A happenstance discovery made by a Turkish farmer has led to the uncovering of an ancient city belonging to a king rumored to have defeated King Midas, a mythical Greek ruler whose infamous greed granted him the ability to turn anything he touched into solid gold. 一位土耛_…¶å†œæ°‘偶然发现了一座古城,˜q™åñ”古城属于传说中击败迈达斯国王的国王,˜qˆè¾¾æ–¯æ˜¯å¸Œè…Š¼œžè¯ä¸­çš„¾lŸæ²»è€…,他臭名昭著的贪婪使他有能力将他接触到的ä“Q何东西变成纯金ã€? An international team of researchers surveying a site in southern Turkey known as Türkmen-Karahöyük was tipped off by a local farmer who found a large inscribed stone while dredging an irrigation canal the previous winter. 一个国际研½I¶å°¾l„在土耛_…¶å—部一个名ä¸?ldquo;土库æ›?卡拉霍尤å…?rdquo;的地方进行调查。去òq´å†¬å¤©ï¼Œä¸€ä½å½“地农民在挖掘灌溉渠时发现了一块刻有文字的大石头ã€? “We rushed straight there, and we could see it still sticking out of the water, so we jumped right down into the canal – up to our waists wading around,” said Assistant Professor of Anatolian Archaeology James Osborne in a statement. Osborne is an archaeologist with the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago and was mapping the site as part of the Türkmen-Karahöyük Intensive Survey Project. The area is known to have been home to other famous ancient cities throughout the millennia. 安纳托利亚考古的助理教授詹姆斯·å¥¥æ–¯æœ¬åœ¨ä¸€ä»½å£°æ˜Žä¸­è¯?“我们径直冲过去,看到它还露在水面上,所以我们就跌™¿›äº†è¿æ²³é‡Œ——一直到我们的腰ã€?rdquo;奥斯本是芝加哥大学东方研½I¶æ‰€çš„一名考古学家åQŒæ­£åœ¨ç»˜åˆ¶è¯¥é—址的地图,˜q™æ˜¯åœŸåº“æ›?卡拉霍尤克强化调查项目的一部分。数千年来,该地åŒÞZ¸€ç›´æ˜¯å…¶ä»–著名古城的所在地ã€? “Right away it was clear it was ancient, and we recognized the script it was written in: Luwian, the language used in the Bronze and Iron Ages in the area.” “很明显,它很古老,我们认出了它的文å­?LuwianåQŒè¿™æ˜¯è¯¥åœ°åŒºé’铜和铁器时代ä‹É用的语言ã€?rdquo; The stone was extracted using the farmer’s tractor and transported to a Turkish museum for cleaning, photographing, and to be readied for translation. ˜q™å—矛_¤´æ˜¯ç”¨å†œæ°‘的拖拉机挖出来的åQŒç„¶åŽè¿åˆ°åœŸè€›_…¶çš„一家博物馆˜q›è¡Œæ¸…洁、摄影,最后准备好˜q›è¡Œ¾˜»è¯‘ã€? Scholars from the Oriental Institute translated the hieroglyphic markings written in Luwian, one of the oldest branches of Indo-European languages native to the Turkish region and read by alternating between right to left and left to right. Markings indicated that the message came from a king named Hartapu towards the end of the 8th century BCE – the same time as Midas’ mythical rule – and boasted of defeating the golden-handed kingdom of Phrygia. It's possible that Midas is based on a real 8th-century king called Mita. 东方研究所的学者们¾˜»è¯‘了卢瓦扬语的象åŞ文字标记åQŒå¢ç“¦æ‰¬è¯­æ˜¯åŽŸäñ”于土耛_…¶åœ°åŒºçš„印‹Æ§è¯­¾pÀLœ€å¤è€çš„分支之一åQŒé˜…è¯ÀL—¶ä»Žå³åˆ°å·¦ã€ä»Žå·¦åˆ°å³äº¤æ›¿è¿›è¡Œã€‚标记表明,˜q™æ¡ä¿¡æ¯æ¥è‡ªäºŽå…¬å…ƒå‰8世纪末一位名叫哈塔普的国çŽ?mdash;—与迈达斯的神话统æ²ÀL˜¯åŒä¸€æ—¶æœŸ——òq¶å¹å˜˜è‡ªå·±æ‰“败了金手佛里吉亚王国。迈达斯很可能是æ ÒŽ®ä¸€ä¸ªçœŸå®žçš„8世纪国王¾c›_¡”的故事改¾~–çš„ã€? A stone slab uncovered from a nearby dig exemplifies the Luwian language. Oriental Institute “The storm gods delivered the [opposing] kinds to his majesty,” reads the tablet. ¼„‘文上写é?“风暴之神ž®?对立çš?¿Uç±»äº¤ç»™å›½çŽ‹é™›ä¸‹ã€?rdquo; King Hartapu likely ruled the area surrounding Türkmen-Karahöyük, an ancient city that would have covered an expanse of around 120 hectares (300 acres) at its peak, making it one of the largest cities of the Bronze and Iron Age in Turkey. The tablet aligns with another hieroglyphic inscription previously discovered 16 kilometers (10 miles) south, which describes King Hartapu. Until now, experts had no indication of who the ancient ruler was. 国王哈塔普可能统æ²È€åœŸåº“æ›?卡拉霍尤克周围的地区åQŒä¸€ä¸ªå¤è€çš„城市åQŒåœ¨å®ƒçš„巅峰时期占地¾U?20公顷(300è‹×ƒº©)åQŒä‹É它成为土耛_…¶é’铜和铁器时代最大的城市之一。碑文与之前在南æ–?6公里(10英里)处发现的另一òq…象形文字文字相½W¦ï¼Œæç»˜äº†å“ˆå¡”普国王。直到现在,专家们还不知道这位古代统治者是谁ã€? “We had no idea about this kingdom. In a flash, we had profound new information on the Bronze Age Middle East,” said Osborne. “我们对这个王国一无所知。刹那间åQŒæˆ‘们获得了有关青铜时代中东的深åˆÀL–°ä¿¡æ¯ã€?rdquo;奥斯本说ã€? Today, a large earthen mound covers what archaeologists believe was a large empire 3,000 years ago. 今天åQŒä¸€ä¸ªå¤§åœŸä¸˜è¦†ç›–着考古学家认äؓæ˜?000òq´å‰çš„一个大帝国ã€? “Inside this mound are going to be palaces, monuments, houses. This stele was a marvelous, incredibly lucky find – but it’s just the beginning,” said Osborne, adding that his team plans to return this summer for further surveys and potential excavations. “在这个土堆里ž®†ä¼šæœ‰å®«ŒDѝ€çºªå¿ëŠ¢‘和房屋。这颗石¼„‘是一个不可思议的、ä×o人难以置信的òq¸è¿å‘现åQŒä½†å®ƒåªæ˜¯ä¸€ä¸ªå¼€å§‹ã€?rdquo; Full view of the archaeological mound at Türkmen-Karahöyük. At its height, the unknown city is believed to have covered about 120 hectares (300 acres). James Osborne ]]></description> </item><item><title>富兰克林北极探险沉船上发现的新文ç‰?/title> <link>http://www.2283235.live/show-138-466248-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[New Artifacts Recovered From Franklin’s Doomed Arctic Expedition Shipwreck 富兰克林北极探险沉船上发现的新文ç‰? A collaborative team of researchers continues to piece together the circumstances underlying the mysterious disappearance of Sir John Franklin’s ill-fated expedition in search of the Northwest Passage. Now, underwater archaeologists unveil more than 350 newly recovered artifacts from HMS Erebus, one of two ships lost in the Arctic waters. 一个由研究人员¾l„成的协作团队ç‘ô¾l­æ‹¼å‡‘约¾˜?middot;富兰克林爵士为寻找西北航道而进行的不幸的探险神¿U˜å¤±ítªèƒŒåŽçš„情况。现在,水下考古学家公布了从HMS Erebus上发现的350多äšg新文物,˜q™æ˜¯ä¸¤è‰˜åœ¨åŒ—极水域失ítªçš„船只之一ã€? The mission makes up the largest, most complex underwater archaeological recoveries in Canadian history. Over three weeks in the fall of 2019, Parks Canada’s Underwater Archaeology Team conducted 93 dives on HMS Erebus, logging nearly 110 hours. Divers used both traditional and innovative strategies to remove sediment from the buried artifacts so that they were able to map, photograph, and recover items including epaulets from a lieutenant’s uniform, ceramic dishes, a hairbrush with a satinwood handle and either boar or porcupine bristles, as well as a pencil case with its contents still inside. A number of recovered items believed to belong to the captain’s steward, Edmund Hoar, were also recovered, including sealing wax with a fingerprint. 该ä“Q务是加拿大历史上最大、最复杂的水下考古发现。在2019òq´ç§‹å­£çš„三周旉™—´é‡Œï¼ŒåŠ æ‹¿å¤§å¸•å…‹æ–¯æ°´ä¸‹è€ƒå¤é˜Ÿåœ¨HMS Erebus上进行了93‹Æ¡æ½œæ°ß_¼Œè®°å½•æ—‰™—´æŽ¥è¿‘110个小时。潜水员采用了传¾lŸå’Œåˆ›æ–°çš„策略来清除埋藏文物中的沉淀物,˜q™æ ·ä»–们ž®Þpƒ½å¤Ÿç»˜åˆ¶åœ°å›¾ã€æ‹æ‘„照片,òq¶å›žæ”¶ç‰©å“ï¼Œå›žæ”¶çš„物品包括中ž®‰åˆ¶æœä¸Šçš„肩章、陶瓷餐兗÷€é‡‘木柄的梳子、野猪或豪猪的鬃毛,˜q˜æœ‰ä¸€ä¸ªé“…½W”ç›’åQŒé‡Œé¢çš„东西˜q˜åœ¨ã€‚一些被认äؓ属于舚w•¿çš„管家埃徯‚’™å¾?middot;霍尔的物品也被找åˆîCº†åQŒåŒ…括带有指¾U¹çš„ž®èœ¡ã€? Underwater archaeologists used a combination of traditional and innovative strategies to recover the artifacts. Parks Canada’s Underwater Archaeology Team The items are currently housed at Parks Canada’s Conservation Laboratories in Ottawa where they are undergoing preliminary analysis that includes identifying their physical characteristics, conducting X-rays, creating illustrations and photographing of the items. ˜q™äº›æ–‡ç‰©ç›®å‰å­˜æ”¾åœ¨æ¸¥å¤ªåŽçš„加拿大公园保护实验室,在那里他们正在进行初步的分析åQŒåŒ…括鉴定它们的物理特征åQŒè¿›è¡Œx光扫描,制作插图和对˜q™äº›æ–‡ç‰©˜q›è¡Œæ‹ç…§ã€? Last August, Parks Canada released never-before-seen footage of HMS Terror, the sister-ship of Erebus. The two ice-strengthened vessels left the River Thames in London in 1845 under the command of Captain John Franklin, who was attempting his third voyage in search of a Northwest Passage connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Two months after setting sail, the vessels were seen in Baffin Bay east of the passage entrance before disappearing with all 129 crew members. For the last 170 years, a trail of clues and oral accounts have allowed experts to piece together what may have happened to the expedition. Notes left by the crew explain that many of them survived for two years, living off their supplies of tinned food while their numbers slowly diminished, including Captain Franklin who died in June 1847. By April 1848, the remaining crew decided to walk towards the Canadian mainland, where Inuit reports describe seeing horribly thin white men. None of them survived, and mystery still surrounds the loss. åŽÕd¹´8月,加拿大公园发布了一ŒDµä»Žæœªå…¬å¼€˜q‡çš„HMS Terror的视频ã€?845òqß_¼Œåœ¨çº¦¾˜?middot;富兰克林舚w•¿çš„指挥下åQŒè¿™ä¸¤è‰˜ç”±å†°åŠ å›ºçš„船只离开了äëu敦的泰晤士河åQŒå½“时富兰克林船长正在尝试他的第三次航行åQŒå¯»æ‰¾ä¸€æ¡è¿žæŽ¥å¤§è¥¿æ´‹å’Œå¤ªòqÏx´‹çš„西北航道。è“v航两个月后,˜q™äº›èˆ¹åªå‡ºçŽ°åœ¨é€šé“入口以东的巴芬湾åQŒéšåŽè¿žåŒå…¨éƒ?29名船员一èµäh¶ˆå¤±ã€‚在˜q‡åŽ»çš?70òq´é‡ŒåQŒä¸€¾pÕdˆ—的线索和口头描述让专家们拼凑å‡ÞZº†æŽ¢é™©é˜Ÿå¯èƒ½å‘生的事情。船员留下的½W”记解释è¯ß_¼Œä»–们中的许多人存‹zÖMº†ä¸¤å¹´åQŒé ¾|å¤´é£Ÿå“ä¸ºç”ŸåQŒè€Œä»–们的数量却在慢慢减少åQŒå…¶ä¸­åŒ…括死äº?847òq?月的富兰克林舚w•¿ã€‚到1848òq?月,剩下的船员决定步行前往加拿大大陆,因纽特äh报告è¯ß_¼Œä»–们在那里看åˆîCº†ç˜¦å¾—可怕的白äh。他们无一人幸存,至今仍是个谜ã€? The discovery of the crew’s artifacts contributes a deeper understanding of historical and Inuit oral accounts of the Franklin expedition. 船员手工艺品的发现有助于加深对历史和因纽特äh对富兰克林远征的口头描述的理解ã€? “The sheer volume of discoveries this year at HMS Erebus is an exciting development in our ongoing work at the Wrecks of HMS Erebus and HMS Terror National Historic Site,” said William Beveridge, Executive Director Inuit Heritage Trust, in a statement. “As more stories of the Franklin Expedition and its association with Inuit are revealed through these latest discoveries, the Trust will continue to incorporate Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit in the preservation, presentation, and management of these artifacts with our partners in Parks Canada." 因纽牚w—产信托基金会执行理事威廉·è´å¼—里奇在一份声明中è¯?“今年埃里伯斯åïLš„发现数量之多åQŒå¯¹äºŽæˆ‘们正在进行的对埃里伯斯号沉船和恐怖国家历史遗址的调查工作来è¯ß_¼Œæ˜¯ä¸€ä¸ªä×o人兴奋的˜q›å±•ã€‚随着富兰克林探险队及其与因纽特äh之间的更多故事通过˜q™äº›æœ€æ–°å‘现被揭露åQŒåŸºé‡‘会ž®†ç‘ô¾l­ä¸Žæˆ‘们在加拿大公园的合作伙伴一èµøP¼Œž®†å› ¾U½ç‰¹äººQaujimajatuqangit¾U›_…¥˜q™äº›æ–‡ç‰©çš„保护、展½Cºå’Œ½Ž¡ç†ä¸­ã€?rdquo; Today, the locations of the two vessels have been designated a National Historic Site jointly managed by Parks Canada and Inuit leaders. It is not open to the public and a permit is required to enter the protected areas. 今天åQŒè¿™ä¸¤è‰˜èˆ¹çš„位置已被指定为国家历史遗址åQŒç”±åŠ æ‹¿å¤§å…¬å›­å’Œå› çº½ç‰¹äh的领å¯égh共同½Ž¡ç†ã€‚它不向公众开放,˜q›å…¥ä¿æŠ¤åŒºéœ€è¦è®¸å¯è¯ã€? A pair of Royal Navy lieutenant’s epaulets recovered from the wreckage of the HMS Erebus. Parks Canada’s Underwater Archaeology Team A piece of sealing wax bearing a fingerprint recovered from the wreckage of the HMS Erebus. Parks Canada’s Underwater Archaeology Team A closed bottle of perfume recovered from the wreckage of the HMS Erebus. Parks Canada’s Underwater Archaeology Team A hairbrush recovered from the wreckage of the HMS Erebus. Parks Canada’s Underwater Archaeology Team A pencil case and its contents recovered from the wreckage of the HMS Erebus. Parks Canada’s Underwater Archaeology Team ]]></description> </item><item><title>¿U‘学家们可能已经扑ֈ°äº†ä¸€¿Uæé«˜èín体自愈能力的æ–ÒŽ³• http://www.2283235.live/show-9944-466247-1.html 大量的伪¿U‘学在法庭上被当作证æ?/title> <link>http://www.2283235.live/show-138-466246-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[A Large Amount Of Junk Science Is Admitted As Evidence In Court Cases 大量的伪¿U‘学在法庭上被当作证æ? The scientific evidence used to sway the opinions of jury members and judges in US courtrooms may not be all that reliable, according to the findings of a new study in the journal Psychological Science in the Public Interest. 发表在《公共利益心理学》期刊上的一™åҎ–°ç ”究发现åQŒç”¨æ¥åª„响美国法庭陪审团成员和法官意见的¿U‘学证据可能òq¶ä¸é‚£ä¹ˆå¯é ã€? Analysis found that some 60 percent of all psychological assessments that are admitted as evidence appear to be based on junk science, although only about 5 percent of these dodgy testimonies are ever challenged by lawyers. 分析发现åQŒåœ¨æ‰€æœ‰è¢«æ‰¿è®¤ä¸ø™¯æ®çš„心理评估中,¾U¦æœ‰60%ä¼ég¹Žæ˜¯åŸºäºŽåžƒåœ„¡§‘学,ž®½ç®¡˜q™äº›å¯ç–‘的证词中只有¾U?%曑֏—到律师的质疑ã€? The study authors began by pooling data from 22 separate surveys of forensic mental health practitioners, who were found to use a total of 364 different psychological assessment tools when acting as experts in legal cases. These tools serve a variety of purposes, such as determining a defendant’s competence to stand trial or indicating whether or not a parent is deserving of child custody. ˜q™é¡¹ç ”究的作者们首先汇集äº?2个独立调查的法医学心理健康从业者的数据åQŒè¿™äº›äh在担ä»ÀL³•å¾‹æ¡ˆä»¶çš„专家æ—Óž¼Œæ€Õd…±ä½¿ç”¨äº?64¿Uä¸åŒçš„心理评估工具。这些工å…ähœ‰å„种各样的用途,例如¼‹®å®šè¢«å‘Šå—审的能力,或表明父母是否应享有儿童监护权ã€? Ben Taub A team of coders were then employed to scan the scientific literature for references to each of these 364 assessment tools, and to determine whether they were generally accepted as reliable by the scientific community. 然后åQŒä¸€¾l„编码äh员被雇䄦来扫描这364¿Uè¯„ä¼°å·¥å…ïLš„¿U‘学文献åQŒä»¥¼‹®å®šå®ƒä»¬æ˜¯å¦è¢«ç§‘学界普遍认äؓ是可靠的ã€? Results indicated that only 67 percent of the psychological tests used by forensic experts in court cases are generally accepted by scientists as valid. However, only 40 percent of these assessment tools were given favorable reviews in the Mental Measurements Yearbook, which is seen as an authority on the effectiveness of psychological testing. ¾l“果表明åQŒåªæœ?7%的法åŒÕd­¦ä¸“家在法庭上使用的心理测试被¿U‘学家普遍接受äؓ有效的。然而,只有40%的评估工具在《心理测量年鉴》中得到好评åQŒè¯¥òq´é‰´è¢«è§†ä¸ºå¿ƒç†æµ‹è¯•æœ‰æ•ˆæ€§æ–¹é¢çš„权威ã€? The researchers then narrowed their focus onto 30 of these 364 assessment tools, which were used in a total of 372 court cases in the US between 2016 and 2018. Despite only 40 percent of these tests being seen as solid by the scientific community, their admissibility was challenged by lawyers just 19 times. 然后åQŒç ”½I¶äh员将他们的研½I¶èŒƒå›´ç¾ƒž®åˆ°˜q?64¿Uè¯„估工具中çš?0¿Uï¼Œ˜q™äº›å·¥å…·åœ?016òq´è‡³2018òq´æœŸé—´è¢«ç”¨äºŽ¾ŸŽå›½æ€Õd…±372èµäh³•åº­æ¡ˆä»¶ã€‚å°½½Ž¡ç§‘学界认äؓ˜q™äº›‹¹‹è¯•ä¸­åªæœ?0%是可靠的åQŒä½†å®ƒä»¬çš„可采性仅受到律师19‹Æ¡è´¨ç–‘ã€? This means that suspect scientific evidence went unchallenged in 94.9 percent of cases. What’s more, only 6 of these 19 challenges were successful. ˜q™æ„å‘³ç€åQŒåœ¨94.9%的案例中åQŒå¯ç–‘çš„¿U‘学证据没有受到质疑。更重要的是åQŒè¿™19个挑战中只有6个成功了ã€? The team notes limitations with the study, primarily in regards to scope. "We did not conduct a comprehensive survey of the case law regarding the admissibility of psychological tools; rather, we conducted a limited but organized investigation into a sample of legal cases citing a sample of psychological tools. Our methods provide us a rough nonparametric sense of the population of cases." 研究ž®ç»„注意到这™å¹ç ”½I¶çš„局限性,主要是在范围上ã€?ldquo;我们没有对心理工具可接受性的判例法进行全面调æŸ?相反åQŒæˆ‘们对一些法律案例进行了有限但有¾l„织的调查,òq¶å¼•ç”¨äº†ä¸€äº›å¿ƒç†å­¦å·¥å…·çš„样本。我们的æ–ÒŽ³•ä¸ºæˆ‘们提供了一个粗略的非参数æ€ÖM½“情况ã€?rdquo; In their write-up, the study authors explain that lawyers can’t be blamed for letting so much junk science enter their testimonies, since they are not trained psychologists and are therefore unable to identify the weakness of an assessment tool unless they happen to be alerted to it by an expert. 在他们的文章中,该研½I¶çš„作者解释说åQŒä¸èƒ½å› ä¸ø™®©˜q™ä¹ˆå¤šåžƒåœ„¡§‘学进入他们的证词而责怪律师,因äؓ他们不是训练有素的心理学å®Óž¼Œå› æ­¤æ— æ³•è¯†åˆ«è¯„估工具的弱点,除非他们¼„°åéy被专家提醒ã€? Furthermore, since precedent holds so much sway in legal proceedings, and so many of these questionable tools have been seen as admissible for so long, there is now a precedent for allowing bad science to stand as evidence in US courtrooms. 此外åQŒç”±äºŽå…ˆä¾‹åœ¨æ³•å¾‹½E‹åºä¸­å…·æœ‰å¦‚此大的媄响力åQŒè€Œä¸”˜q™ä¹ˆå¤šæœ‰é—®é¢˜çš„工具长期以来一直被认äؓ是可以接受的åQŒçŽ°åœ¨åˆæœ‰äº†ä¸€ä¸ªå…è®¸ç³Ÿ¾p•çš„¿U‘学作äؓ证据出现在美国法庭的先例ã€? ]]></description> </item><item><title>昂贵的汽车不太可能因ä¸ø™¡Œäºø™€Œåœè½?/title> <link>http://www.2283235.live/show-138-466245-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[Expensive Cars Are Less Likely To Stop For Crossing Pedestrians 昂贵的汽车不太可能因ä¸ø™¡Œäºø™€Œåœè½? The more expensive a car is, the less likely the driver is to stop for a pedestrian who is crossing the road, at least in Las Vegas. The race and sex of the person trying to get across the road may also matter. 车越贵,司机­‘Šä¸å¯èƒ½åœ¨è¿‡é©¬èµ\的行人面前停车,臛_°‘在拉斯维加斯是这栗÷€‚试图过马èµ\的äh的种族和性别也很重要ã€? Approximately 200,000 Americans are injured or killed by cars each year while walking. Those hurt are disproportionately male and non-white. Understanding why is an important step towards reducing the toll, so Dr Courtney Coughenour of the University of Nevada is searching for explanations. Her results, published in Journal of Transport and Health shed some light on the distribution of victims, but even more on those behind the wheel. 每年大约æœ?0万美国äh在步行时被汽车撞æ­ÀLˆ–撞伤。受伤的主要是男性和非白人。了解原因是减少æ­ÖMº¡äººæ•°çš„重要一步,因此内华辑֤§å­¦çš„考特ž®?middot;考夫诺尔博士正在å¯ÀL‰¾åŽŸå› ã€‚她的研½I¶ç»“果发表在《交通与健康杂志》上åQŒå¯¹å—害者的分布情况有所了解åQŒä½†å¯šw‚£äº›å¼€è½¦çš„äºÞZº†è§£æ›´å¤šã€? Stephen Luntz Coughenour recruited four adults to try to cross busy Las Vegas streets at two midblock zebra crossings that are commonly used by school children at other times. Coughenour招募了四名成òq´ähåQŒè¯•å›‘Öœ¨ä¸¤ä¸ªè¡—区中间的斑马线处穿˜q‡ç¹å¿™çš„拉斯¾l´åŠ æ–¯è¡—道,˜q™ä¸¤ä¸ªæ–‘马线通常是学生们在其他时间ä‹É用的ã€? Each similarly pedestrian, dressed for visibility, would approach the crossing as a car passed a marker, put one foot on the street to indicate they wished to cross and attempt to make eye contact with the driver. Legally at this point the driver was required to yield, but the pedestrians only actually tried to cross the road if the driver slowed or stopped to make it safe. The efforts were videoed so Coughenour could see whether drivers gave way, and analyze the cars by make and age to gain an estimate of their value. 每一个相似的行ähåQŒéƒ½½I¿ç€æ˜„¡œ¼çš„衣服,当一辆汽车经˜q‡ä¸€ä¸ªæ ‡å¿—æ—¶åQŒä»–们会靠近十字路口åQŒæŠŠä¸€åªè„šæ”‘Öœ¨è¡—上åQŒè¡¨æ˜Žä»–们想要过马èµ\åQŒåƈ试图与司æœø™¿›è¡Œçœ¼¼œžäº¤‹¹ã€‚从法律上讲åQŒå¸æœºå¿…™å»è®©è·¯ï¼Œä½†è¡Œäººåªæœ‰åœ¨å¸æœºå‡é€Ÿæˆ–停èžR以确保安全的情况下才会试图过马èµ\。这些努力都被录了下来,˜q™æ ·Coughenourž®±å¯ä»¥çœ‹åˆ°å¸æœÞZ»¬æ˜¯å¦ä¼šè®©è·¯ï¼Œòq¶æ ¹æ®æ±½è½¦çš„型号和年龄来分析˜q™äº›è½¦çš„价倹{€? In 72 percent of cases, drivers refused to yield, which is a pretty striking indication of what drivers think of both the law and pedestrians' lives. The proportion was higher for the white and female walkers than for the black and male ones, but the white woman participant was still granted her legally required right of safe passage well less than half the time. Moreover, the camera failed in the Nevada heat, leaving Coughenour with a sample size small enough that neither finding reached statistical significance. åœ?2%的案例中åQŒå¸æœºæ‹’¾lè®©è·¯ï¼Œ˜q™æ˜¯ä¸€ä¸ªç›¸å½“惊人的˜q¹è±¡åQŒè¡¨æ˜Žå¸æœºå¯¹æ³•å¾‹å’Œè¡Œäººç”Ÿå‘½çš„看法。白人和å¥Ïx€§å‚与者的比例高于黑äh和男性参与者,但白人女性参与者获得法律要求的安全通行权的几率不到一半。此外,摄像机在内华辑ַžçš„高温下å¤ÞqµåQŒä‹É得Coughenour的样本量非常ž®ï¼Œ˜q™ä¸¤™å¹å‘现都没有辑ֈ°¾lŸè®¡å­¦æ„ä¹‰ã€? The highlight of the study was that for every $1,000 greater estimated value of the car, the likelihood of yielding dropped 3 percent – a finding that was statistically significant even with the small sample. Coughenour and co-authors acknowledge that without interviewing drivers they can't be definitive about the reasons those driving flashy cars are less likely to give way. However, they speculate: “One potential explanation may be that drivers of higher value cars... felt a sense of superiority over other road users. Similarly, individuals of lower socioeconomic status (SES) may empathize more with the pedestrians.” ˜q™é¡¹ç ”究的重ç‚ÒŽ˜¯åQŒæ¯å¢žåŠ 1,000¾ŸŽå…ƒçš„汽车估计å€û|¼Œæ±½èžR的收益率ž®×ƒ¼šä¸‹é™3%——即ä‹É是在ž®æ ·æœ¬ä¸­åQŒè¿™ä¸€å‘现在统计学上也很重要。Coughenour和其他作者承认,在不采访司机的情况下åQŒä»–们无法确定那些开豪华车的äºÞZ¸å¤ªå¯èƒ½è®©è·¯çš„原因。然而,他们推测:“一¿Uå¯èƒ½çš„解释是,高ä­h值汽车的司机……感到比其他道路ä‹É用者优­‘Šã€‚同æ øP¼Œ½C¾ä¼š¾læµŽåœîC½è¾ƒä½Žçš„äh可能更同情行人ã€?rdquo; The work combines and confirms a series of previous studies, some of which found American drivers were less likely to give way to black than white pedestrians, while others found wealthier people are consistently more likely to behave unethically when driving. ˜q™é¡¹ç ”究¾l¼åˆòq¶è¯å®žäº†ä¹‹å‰çš„一¾pÕdˆ—研究åQŒå…¶ä¸­ä¸€äº›ç ”½I¶å‘玎ͼŒ¾ŸŽå›½å¸æœºæ¯”白人司机更不容易给黑äh让èµ\åQŒè€Œå¦ä¸€äº›ç ”½I¶å‘玎ͼŒå¯Œæœ‰çš„äh在开车时更容易做å‡ÞZ¸é“å¯d的行为ã€? ]]></description> </item><item><title>˜q™ç§å¾®å°çš„æ“vè—ÕdŒ–矛_·²¾læœ‰10亿年的历åÔŒ¼Œæ˜¯æ‰€æœ‰é™†åœ°æ¤ç‰©ç¥–先的亲戚 http://www.2283235.live/show-138-466244-1.html 白蚁为矿工们指明了通往低碳未来的道è·?/title> <link>http://www.2283235.live/show-138-466243-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[Termites Show Miners The Way To A Low Carbon Future 白蚁为矿工们指明了通往低碳未来的道è·? The quest to replace fossil fuels is hampered by shortages of some of the minerals used for batteries and dynamos. Scientists at Australia's CSIRO are seeking ways to make it easier to find minerals like cobalt and nickel, and are getting help from termites. ç”׃ºŽç”¨äºŽç”‰|± å’Œå‘甉|œºçš„一些矿物质的短¾~ºï¼Œæ›¿ä»£åŒ–石燃料的努力受åˆîCº†é˜È¢ã€‚澳大利亚CSIRO的科学家们正在寻找ä‹É钴和镍等矿物更容易找到的æ–ÒŽ³•åQŒåƈ从白蚁那里得åˆîCº†å¸®åŠ©ã€? Vast deserts in places like Western Australia are pocketed with termite mounds. Termites sometimes bring up mineral particles from extraordinary depths for such small creatures – hundreds of meters in some cases. In doing so they can give humans an indication of what lies beneath, allowing mineral explorers to focus their searches. Miners have been using this fact to search for gold for some time, but new research could extend this to metals sought for environmental technologies, rather than mostly desired for aesthetics. 像西澛_¤§åˆ©äºš˜q™æ ·çš„大沙漠里布满了白蚁丘。白蚁有时会从非常深的地方äؓ˜q™ç§ž®ç”Ÿç‰©å¸¦å‡ºçŸ¿ç‰©é¢—¾_’,有些情况下是几百¾cŸë€‚通过˜q™æ ·åšï¼Œå®ƒä»¬å¯ä»¥¾l™äh¾cÖM¸€ä¸ªåœ°ä¸‹çš„指示åQŒè®©çŸ¿ç‰©æŽ¢çƒ¦è€…专注于他们的搜索。一ŒD‰|—¶é—´ä»¥æ¥ï¼ŒçŸ¿ä¸šå…¬å¸ä¸€ç›´åœ¨åˆ©ç”¨˜q™ä¸€äº‹å®žæ¥å¯»æ‰ùN»„金,但新的研½I¶å¯èƒ½ä¼šž®†è¿™ä¸€ç†è®ºæ‰©å±•åˆ°å¯»æ‰„¡Ž¯ä¿æŠ€æœ¯æ‰€éœ€çš„金属,而非主要用于¾ŸŽå­¦çš„金属ã€? Stephen Luntz The lithium-ion batteries used in everything from our phones to electric cars currently use cobalt in their cathodes. This creates a major roadblock to the expansion of pollution-free transport because half the world's cobalt is currently mined in the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo, accompanied by appalling human rights abuses and environmental damage. Electric car manufacturers have succeeded in replacing more and more of the cobalt they use with nickel, and hope at some point to do without it altogether. So far, however, increases in battery production are outstripping the reduced amount of cobalt per battery. 从手机到电动汽èžRåQŒæˆ‘们ä‹É用的锂离子电池的阴极都ä‹É用钴。这为无公害˜qè¾“的扩张设¾|®äº†ä¸€ä¸ªä¸»è¦çš„障碍åQŒå› ä¸ºç›®å‰ä¸–界上一半的钴矿是在饱受战争íy‚躏的刚果民ä¸Õd…±å’Œå›½å¼€é‡‡çš„åQŒåŒæ—¶è¿˜ä¼´éšç€ä»¤äh震惊的践ítäh权和环境破坏。电动汽车制造商已经成功地用镍替代了­‘Šæ¥­‘Šå¤šçš„é’´åQŒåƈ希望在某个时候完全不使用镍。然而,到目前äؓ止,甉|± äº§é‡çš„增长超˜q‡äº†æ¯ç”µæ± é’´çš„减ž®‘量ã€? In many locations “Manganese is mobilized in floodwaters,” Dr Sam Spinks told IFLScience, “Before precipitating out on surface features such as soil and rocks.” It bonds particularly well to termite mounds, forming a layer of manganese oxide, which Spinks calls super-absorbent of many other metals, including zinc, cobalt, and nickel. 萨姆·æ–¯å®¾å…‹æ–¯åšå£«å‘Šè¯‰IFLScienceåQŒåœ¨è®¸å¤šåœ°æ–¹åQ?ldquo;锰在‹zªæ°´ä¸­è¢«åŠ¨å‘˜èµäh¥åQŒç„¶åŽæ²‰æ·€åˆ°åœŸå£¤å’Œå²©çŸ³½{‰åœ°è¡¨ç‰¹å¾ä¸Šã€?rdquo;它与白蚁丘的¾l“合特别好,形成一层氧化锰åQŒè¿™¿Ué‡‘属被¿UîCؓ许多其他金属的高吸水性材料,包括锌、钴和镍ã€? Manganese oxide, often laced with zinc and other base metals, forms a blue metallic sheen against Australia's red earth. CSIRO Unfortunately, this can create “false anomalies” where the manganese oxide soaks up so much of a particular metal explorers think they have hit the jackpot, only to find little underground. In Chemical Geology Spinks describes a more sophisticated approach. 不幸的是åQŒè¿™å¯èƒ½ä¼šé€ æˆ“假异å¸?rdquo;åQŒå³é”°æ°§åŒ–物吸收了大量的特定金属åQŒä»¥è‡³äºŽå‹˜æŽ¢äººå‘˜ä»¥äؓ他们中了头彩åQŒç»“果却在地下发çŽîCº†ž®‘量。在化学地质学中åQŒSpinks描述了一¿Uæ›´å¤æ‚的方法ã€? Zinc is much more abundant than other “base metals” in the Earth's crust, and is usually found along with them. Zinc is fairly cheap and seldom worth mining on its own, but can guide us to more valuable metals. 锌比地壳中的其他“贱金å±?rdquo;要丰富得多,通常与它们一赯‚¢«å‘现。锌相当便宜åQŒå¾ˆž®‘有值得单独开采的价å€û|¼Œä½†å¯ä»¥å¼•å¯¼æˆ‘们找到更有ä­h值的金属ã€? "Zinc from hydrothermal ore deposits can be uniquely isotopically light,” Spinks told IFLScience. Consequently, finding zinc with an unusual ratio of light isotopes, particularly in basaltic rocks, can be a sign of an ancient hydrothermal vent, around which nickel and cobalt are also likely to have been deposited. Spinks stressed the situation is more complex than this, because the manganese oxide on the termite mounds preferentially captures heavier zinc. “热液矿床中的锌具有独特的同位素性质åQ?rdquo;斯宾克斯告诉IFLScience。因此,在玄武岩中发现轻同位素比例不同寻常的锌可能是一个古代热液喷口的˜q¹è±¡åQŒé•å’Œé’´ä¹Ÿå¯èƒ½æ²‰¿U¯åœ¨çƒ­æ¶²å–·å£å‘¨å›´ã€‚斯宑օ‹æ–¯å¼ºè°ƒï¼Œæƒ…况要比˜q™å¤æ‚得多,因äؓ白蚁丘上的氧化锰优先捕获较重的锌ã€? Nevertheless, "This new research shows we can now measure zinc variations, or isotopes, so accurately that we can identify what metal deposit lies deep underground," he said. 然而,“˜q™é¡¹æ–°çš„研究表明åQŒæˆ‘们现在可以如此精¼‹®åœ°‹¹‹é‡é”Œæˆ–同位素的变化åQŒæˆ‘们可以确定什么金属矿床深埋地下,”他说ã€? ]]></description> </item><item><title>煤炭产量下降使美国食品ä­hæ ég¸‹é™?/title> <link>http://www.2283235.live/show-138-466242-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[Declining Coal Production Is Making American Food Prices Cheaper 煤炭产量下降使美国食品ä­hæ ég¸‹é™? The collapse of the American coal industry is having major benefits for the nation's health, but it's also having a less-heralded effect: it's boosting crop yields and making food prices cheaper. ¾ŸŽå›½ç…¤ç‚­å·¥ä¸šçš„崩溃对国家的健åºähœ‰å¾ˆå¤§çš„好处,但它也有一个不那么明显的媄å“?它提高了农作物äñ”量,降低了食品ä­hæ ¹{€? Coal burning is a major contributor to air pollution, which causes an estimated 3-9 million deaths a year worldwide. Among the pollutants are nitrogen oxides, particularly from coal plants, which react in sunlight with other molecules to produce ozone. Although the shield of all life on Earth in the stratosphere, close-to-ground-level ozone is harmful both to animals and plants, accounting for an estimated 90 percent of air pollution's effects on crop yields. 煤炭燃烧是造成½Iºæ°”污染的主要原因之一åQŒæ®ä¼°è®¡åQŒå…¨çƒæ¯òq´æœ‰300万至900万ähæ­ÖMºŽ½Iºæ°”污染。污染物中有氮氧化物åQŒç‰¹åˆ«æ˜¯æ¥è‡ªç‡ƒç…¤ç”µåŽ‚çš„æÛ氧化物,它在阛_…‰ä¸‹ä¸Žå…¶ä»–分子发生反应åQŒäñ”生臭氧。尽½Ž¡è‡­æ°§æ˜¯åœ°çƒä¸Šæ‰€æœ‰ç”Ÿå‘½çš„保护层,但近地面的臭氧对动植物都是有害的åQŒä¼°è®¡å ½Iºæ°”污染对农作物产量影响çš?0%ã€? Stephen Luntz The damaging effect of low-atmosphere ozone on human lungs has been incorporated into estimates of pollution's costs, but the impact on crops has been largely ignored. A paper in the American Journal of Agricultural Economics sets out to address this, examining the benefits of declining ozone on two of America's largest crops as coal use declined from 2003-2013. 低大气臭氧对人类肺部的破坏作用已被纳入污染成本的估算åQŒä½†å¯¹å†œä½œç‰©çš„媄响基本上被忽视了。《美国农业经‹¹Žæ‚志》上的一½‹‡è®ºæ–‡ç€æ‰‹è§£å†Œ™¿™ä¸ªé—®é¢˜ï¼Œç ”究了随着2003òq´è‡³2013òq´ç…¤ç‚­ä‹É用量的下降,臭氧对美国两大农作物的媄响ã€? Inevitably the picture varies by location – some farms are still exposed to as much ozone as they ever were, while others were always too far away to be affected much. However, by combining the entire farm belt, first author Dr Konstantinos Metaxoglou of MIT concludes corn yields rose 2.5 percent as a result of coal plant closures, while soybean production increased 1.6 percent. 不可避免的是åQŒä¸åŒåœ°åŒºçš„情况有所不同——一些农åœÞZ»ç„¶æš´éœ²åœ¨ä¸Žä»¥å¾€ä¸€æ ·å¤šçš„臭氧下åQŒè€Œå¦ä¸€äº›å†œåœºæ€ÀL˜¯¼›Õd¾—太远åQŒä¸ä¼šå—到太大媄响。然而,通过¾l“合整个农业区,½W¬ä¸€ä½œè€…、麻省理工学院的åºäh–¯å¦ä¸è¯ºæ–¯·æ¢…塔索格鲁博士得出结论,关闭燃煤电厂å¯ÆD‡´çŽ‰ç±³äº§é‡å¢žåŠ 2.5%åQŒå¤§è±†äñ”量增åŠ?.6%ã€? Those sound like small effects, but the scale of these crops means the economy benefited by $1.6 billion every year. Plenty more coal plants have shut down since the end of Metaxoglou's study period, so must now be considerably larger. ˜q™äº›å½±å“å¬è“v来很ž®ï¼Œä½†è¿™äº›ä½œç‰©çš„规模意味着¾læµŽæ¯å¹´å—益16亿美元。自从Metaxoglou的研½I¶æœŸ¾l“束以来åQŒå·²¾læœ‰æ›´å¤šçš„燃煤电厂关闭,所以现在肯定要大得多ã€? Corn farmers downwind of shuttered power stations gained 7 percent in production and would have been the prime beneficiaries. However, Metaxoglou calculates overall the falling prices caused by the increased supply meant farmers actually lost money. Consumers, however, now had access to cheaper food. 在关闭的发电厂下风处¿Uæ¤çŽ‰ç±³çš„农民的产量增加äº?%åQŒä»–们将是主要的受益者。然而,Metaxoglou计算出,供应增加å¯ÆD‡´çš„ä­hæ ég¸‹è·Œå®žé™…上意味着农民损失了钱。然而,消费者现在可以买到更便宜的食物ã€? Corn and soy are included in so many processed foods, far beyond the obvious tortillas and tofu, that the effect would be exceptionally dispersed. Consumers wouldn't have noticed the fall (or slower rise) in the price of their groceries as a result of this effect, but that doesn't mean it wasn't there every time they reached the till. 玉米和大豆被包含在如此多的加工食品中åQŒè¿œ˜qœè¶…å‡ÞZº†æ˜¾è€Œæ˜“见的玉米饼和豆腐åQŒä»¥è‡³äºŽå…¶åª„响将被特别分散。由于这¿Uåª„响,消费者不会注意到食品ä»äh ¼çš„下è·?或缓慢上æ¶?åQŒä½†˜q™åƈ不意味着他们每次到收银台旉™ƒ½èƒ½çœ‹åˆ°è¿™¿Uæƒ…å†üc€? “Our findings show that reducing NOx and other harmful emissions from power plants is beneficial not only for human health, but also for agriculture production,” Metaxoglou said in an emailed statement. Metaxoglou在一份电子邮件声明中è¯?“我们的发现表明,减少发电厂的氮氧化物和其他有å®ÏxŽ’放不仅有利于人类健康åQŒä¹Ÿæœ‰åˆ©äºŽå†œä¸šç”Ÿäº§ã€?rdquo; Around half of coal's decline has been from competition with gas, but the other half is a result of rising solar and wind production. Opponents of climate action love to bemoan the effect of renewable energy subsidies on poorer consumers' electricity bills, but all that cost and more comes back in less obvious ways. 煤炭产量下降的原因中åQŒçº¦æœ‰ä¸€åŠæ¥è‡ªä¸Žå¤©ç„¶æ°”的竞争åQŒè€Œå¦ä¸€åŠåˆ™æ˜¯å¤ªé˜Œ™ƒ½å’Œé£Žèƒ½äñ”量上升的¾l“果。气候行动的反对者喜‹Æ¢æŠ±æ€¨å¯å†ç”Ÿèƒ½æºè¡¥è„“对较贫穷的消费者电费的影响åQŒä½†æ‰€æœ‰è¿™äº›æˆæœ¬å’Œæ›´å¤šæˆæœ¬éƒ½ä»¥ä¸é‚£ä¹ˆæ˜Žæ˜„¡š„方式回来了ã€? ]]></description> </item><item><title>研究人员在爱达荷州äh工播撒云有|¥å¢žåŠ é™é›ª http://www.2283235.live/show-138-466241-1.html 动词分类¾lƒä¹ åŠç­”æ¡?/title> <link>http://www.2283235.live/show-8327-466205-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[[tctab] 动词分类¾lƒä¹  [/tctab] 一、找å‡ÞZ¸‹åˆ—句子中的实义动词、助动词或情态动词: 1. Studying English takes time. 2. The first step is always the hardest. 3. The library was built last year. 4. I can't stand the heat. 5. You can leave the door open. 6. He speaks English well. 7. That can save you a lot of time. 8. I will find you a good teacher. 9. I find you a good teacher. 10. She will make him a good wife. 11. I often do my homework at the school, but yesterday I did it at home. Jim doesn't do that. He likes doing his homework at home. 12. I have two brothers. One brother has been out of school for many years. Now he is working in a dot-com company åQˆç½‘¾lœå…¬å¸ï¼‰. He is married and has his own family. The other brother is now at college and hasn't graduated yet. He has a girlfriend and they have known each other for 2 years. 二、找å‡ÞZ¸‹åˆ—短文中的实义动词、助动词或情态动词åƈ¾˜»è¯‘成汉语: Two men were standing at a bar åQˆé…’吧). One man turned to the other and said, “I'll bet you $100 that I can bite åQˆå’¬åQ?my left eye.” The wager åQˆèµŒæ³¨ï¼‰ was accepted, and the man popped åQˆçªç„¶æŒ–出) out his glass eye and bit åQˆbite的过åŽÕd¼åQ?it. “Now,” he said, “I'll give you a chance to win your money back. I'll bet you another $100 that I can bite my right eye.” “He can't have two glass eyes,” thought the other man, and he plunked åQˆé‡é‡ç”©ä¸‹ï¼‰ down his money. Then the first man took out his false teeth and bit his right eye. [tctab] 动词分类¾lƒä¹ ½{”案 [/tctab] 一、找å‡ÞZ¸‹åˆ—句中的实义动词、助动词或情态动词: 1. takes 实义动词 2. is ¾pÕdŠ¨è¯? 3. was 助动è¯? 4. can't 情态动词 stand 实义动词 5. can 情态动词 leave 实义动词 6. speaks 实义动词 7. can 情态动词 save 实义动词 8. will 情态动词 find 实义动词 9. find 实义动词 10. will 情态动词 make 实义动词 11. do 实义动词 did 实义动词 doesn't 助动è¯? do 实义动词 likes实义动词 12. have 实义动词 has 助动词 is 助动è¯? is 实义动词 has 实义动词 is ¾pÕdŠ¨è¯? hasn't 助动词 has 实义动词 have 助动è¯? 二、找å‡ÞZ¸‹åˆ—短文中的实义动词、助动词或情态动词åƈž®†çŸ­æ–‡ç¿»è¯‘成汉语åQ? Two men were åQˆåŠ©åŠ¨è¯åQ?standing at a bar. One man turned åQˆå®žä¹‰åŠ¨è¯ï¼‰ to the other and said åQˆå®žä¹‰åŠ¨è¯ï¼‰, “I’ll åQˆæƒ…态动词) bet åQˆå®žä¹‰åŠ¨è¯ï¼‰ you $100 that I can åQˆæƒ…态动词)bite åQˆå®žä¹‰åŠ¨è¯ï¼‰ my left eye.” The wager was åQˆåŠ©åŠ¨è¯åQ?accepted åQˆå®žä¹‰åŠ¨è¯ï¼‰, and the man popped åQˆå®žä¹‰åŠ¨è¯ï¼‰ out his glass eye and bit åQˆå®žä¹‰åŠ¨è¯ï¼‰ it. “Now,” he said åQˆå®žä¹‰åŠ¨è¯ï¼‰, “I’ll åQˆæƒ…态动词) give åQˆå®žä¹‰åŠ¨è¯ï¼‰ you a chance to win åQˆå®žä¹‰åŠ¨è¯ï¼‰ your money back. I’ll åQˆæƒ…态动词) bet åQˆå®žä¹‰åŠ¨è¯ï¼‰ you another $100 that I can åQˆæƒ…态动词) bite åQˆå®žä¹‰åŠ¨è¯ï¼‰ my right eye.” “He can't åQˆæƒ…态动词) have åQˆå®žä¹‰åŠ¨è¯ï¼‰ two glass eyes,” thought åQˆå®žä¹‰åŠ¨è¯ï¼‰the other man, and he plunked åQˆå®žä¹‰åŠ¨è¯ï¼‰ down his money. Then the first man took åQˆå®žä¹‰åŠ¨è¯ï¼‰ out his false teeth and bit åQˆå®žä¹‰åŠ¨è¯ï¼‰ his right eye. 两个男äh站在酒吧里。一个è{íw«å¯¹å¦ä¸€ä¸ªè¯´“我赌100¾ŸŽå…ƒåQŒæˆ‘能咬到自å·Þqš„左眼ã€?rdquo;å¯ÒŽ–¹æŽ¥å—了赌注,于是˜q™ä¸ªç”·äh挖出自己的玻璃眼珠用牙咬了一下ã€? “现在åQ?rdquo;他说åQ?ldquo;我给你一个把é’Þpµ¢å›žåŽ»çš„机会。我再赌100¾ŸŽå…ƒæˆ‘能咬到自己的右眹{€?rdquo;å¯ÒŽ–¹æƒ»I¼š“他不可能有两只玻璃眼吧ã€?rdquo;于是重重甩下了钱ã€? ½W¬ä¸€ä¸ªç”·äººå–å‡ÞZº†ä»–的假牙在右çœég¸Šå’¬äº†ä¸€ä¸‹ã€? ]]></description> </item><item><title>英文基本句型¾lƒä¹ åŠç­”æ¡?/title> <link>http://www.2283235.live/show-8327-466204-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[[tctab] 英文基本句型¾lƒä¹  [/tctab] 一、找å‡ÞZ¸‹åˆ—句子的主语部分和谓语部分: 1. Studying English takes time. 2. The first step is always the hardest. 3. Chatting on the Internet brings me a lot of fun. 4. A friend in need is a friend indeed. 5. A poor man is not necessarily unhappy. 6. A good knowledge of grammar is important to good writing. 7. Living without an aim is like sailing without a compass åQˆç½—盘). 8. confidence åQˆä¿¡å¿ƒï¼‰ in yourself is the first step to success. 9. The early bird catches the worm åQˆè™«å­ï¼‰. 10. The novel won the author a Nobel Prize. 二、判断下列句子属于何¿Uå¥åž‹åƈ¾˜»è¯‘成汉语: 11. Time flies by. 12. It slipped my mind. 13. I can't stand the heat. 14. Fools seldom differ. 15. I sent you an E-mail. 16. It cost me three dollars. 17. Old habits die hard. 18. You can leave the door open. 19. He speaks English well. 20. Teachers will make your English better. 21. They elected Donald Trump the US President. 22. The novel won the author a Nobel Prize. 23. That will save you a lot of time. 24. They found the dead boy. 25. They found the boy dead. 26. I found the book easily. 27. I found the book easy. 28. Tom found Jim an apartment. 29. We found John a loyal åQˆå¿ å¿ƒçš„åQ?friend. 30. I will find you a good teacher. 31. I find you a good teacher. 32. She will make him a good wife. 33. She will make him a good husband. 三、翻译下列短文,òq¶åˆ†æžæ¯ä¸ªå¥å­çš„¾cÕdž‹åQ? A sentence normally has a subject åQˆä¸»è¯­ï¼‰ and a predicate åQˆè°“语). The subject identif ies a person, place or thing. The predicate tells what the subject does or is. The predicate always includes a verb, and a verb is one of three types—linking, intransitive, or transitive verbs. The most widely used linking verb is a form of be, such as am, is, are, was, or were. Other linking verbs include: seem, become, feel, sound, taste, smell. The word or phrase that follows a linking verb is called a subject complement. [tctab] 英文基本句型¾lƒä¹ ½{”案 [/tctab] 一、找å‡ÞZ¸‹åˆ—句子的主语部分和谓语部分: 1. Studying EnglishåQˆä¸»è¯­ï¼‰ takes timeåQˆè°“语). 2. The first stepåQˆä¸»è¯­ï¼‰ is always the hardeståQˆè°“语). 3. Chatting on the InternetåQˆä¸»è¯­ï¼‰ brings me a lot of funåQˆè°“语). 4. A friend in needåQˆä¸»è¯­ï¼‰ is a friend indeedåQˆè°“语). 5. A poor manåQˆä¸»è¯­ï¼‰ is not necessarily unhappyåQˆè°“语). 6. A good knowledge of grammaråQˆä¸»è¯­ï¼‰ is important to good writingåQˆè°“语). 7. Living without an aimåQˆä¸»è¯­ï¼‰ is like sailing without a compass åQˆç½—盘)åQˆè°“语). 8. confidence åQˆä¿¡å¿ƒï¼‰ in yourselfåQˆä¸»è¯­ï¼‰ is the first step on the road to successåQˆè°“语). 9. The early birdåQˆä¸»è¯­ï¼‰ catches the worm åQˆè™«å­ï¼‰åQˆè°“语). 10. The novelåQˆä¸»è¯­ï¼‰ won the author a Nobel PrizeåQˆè°“语). 二、判断下列句子属于何¿Uå¥åž‹åƈ¾˜»è¯‘成汉语: 11. TimeåQˆä¸»åQ?flies byåQˆè°“åQ? 时光飞逝ã€? 12. ItåQˆä¸»åQ?slippedåQˆè°“åQ?my mindåQˆå®¾åQ? 我忘è®îCº†ã€? 13. IåQˆä¸»åQ?can't standåQˆè°“åQ?the heatåQˆå®¾åQ? 我热得受不了ã€? 14. FoolsåQˆä¸»åQ?seldom differåQˆè°“åQ? å‚ȝ“œòq¶æ— å¤šå¤§åŒºåˆ«ã€? 15. IåQˆä¸»åQ?sentåQˆè°“åQ?youåQˆé—´å®¾ï¼‰ an E-mailåQˆç›´å®¾ï¼‰. 我给你发了封邮äšgã€? 16. ItåQˆä¸»åQ?coståQˆè°“åQ?meåQˆé—´å®¾ï¼‰ three dollarsåQˆç›´å®¾ï¼‰. ˜q™èŠ±äº†æˆ‘三美元ã€? 17. Old habitsåQˆä¸»åQ?die hardåQˆè°“åQ? ¿U¯ä¹ éš¾æ”¹ã€? 18. YouåQˆä¸»åQ?can leaveåQˆè°“åQ?the dooråQˆå®¾åQ?openåQˆå®¾è¡¥ï¼‰. 你可以把门开着ã€? 19. HeåQˆä¸»åQ?speaksåQˆè°“åQ?EnglishåQˆå®¾åQ?wellåQˆçŠ¶åQ? 他英语说得很好ã€? 20. TeachersåQˆä¸»åQ?will makeåQˆè°“åQ?your EnglishåQˆå®¾åQ?betteråQˆå®¾è¡¥ï¼‰. 老师会帮助你提高è‹Þp¯­æ°´åã^ã€? 21. TheyåQˆä¸»åQ?electedåQˆè°“åQ?Donald TrumpåQˆå®¾åQ?US PresidentåQˆå®¾è¡¥ï¼‰. äºÞZ»¬é€‰ä‹D了唐¾U›_¯d·ç‰ÒŽœ—普当¾ŸŽå›½æ€È»Ÿã€? 22. The novelåQˆä¸»åQ?wonåQˆè°“åQ?the authoråQˆé—´å®¾ï¼‰ a Nobel PrizeåQˆç›´å®¾ï¼‰. ˜q™éƒ¨ž®è¯´ä½¿ä½œè€…获得了è¯ø™´ž®”奖ã€? 23. ThatåQˆä¸»åQ?will saveåQˆè°“åQ?youåQˆé—´å®¾ï¼‰ a lot of timeåQˆç›´å®¾ï¼‰. ˜q™ä¼šèŠ‚省你很多时间ã€? 24. TheyåQˆä¸»åQ?foundåQˆè°“åQ?the dead boyåQˆå®¾åQ? 他们扑ֈ°äº†é‚£ä¸ªæ­»åŽÈš„ç”·å­©ã€? 25. TheyåQˆä¸»åQ?foundåQˆè°“åQ?the boyåQˆå®¾åQ?deadåQˆå®¾è¡¥ï¼‰. 他们发现那个男孩æ­ÖMº†ã€? 26. IåQˆä¸»åQ?foundåQˆè°“åQ?the bookåQˆå®¾åQ?easilyåQˆçŠ¶åQ? 我轻而易丑֜°å‘现了这本书ã€? 27. IåQˆä¸»åQ?foundåQˆè°“åQ?the bookåQˆå®¾åQ?easyåQˆå®¾è¡¥ï¼‰. 我觉得这本书很容易ã€? 28. TomåQˆä¸»åQ?foundåQˆè°“åQ?JimåQˆé—´å®¾ï¼‰ an apartmentåQˆç›´å®¾ï¼‰. 汤姆¾l™å‰å§†æ‰¾äº†ä¸€å¥—公寓ã€? 29. WeåQˆä¸»åQ?foundåQˆè°“åQ?JohnåQˆå®¾åQ?a loyal åQˆå¿ å¿ƒçš„åQ?friendåQˆå®¾è¡¥ï¼‰. 我们发现¾U¦ç¿°æ˜¯ä¸ªå¾ˆå¿ å¿ƒçš„朋友ã€? 30. IåQˆä¸»åQ?will findåQˆè°“åQ?youåQˆé—´å®¾ï¼‰ a good teacheråQˆç›´å®¾ï¼‰. 我将会äؓ你找åˆîC¸€ä½å¥½è€å¸ˆã€? 31. IåQˆä¸»åQ?findåQˆè°“åQ?youåQˆå®¾åQ?a good teacheråQˆå®¾è¡¥ï¼‰. 我发çŽîC½ æ˜¯ä¸ªå¥½è€å¸ˆã€? 32. SheåQˆä¸»åQ?will makeåQˆè°“åQ?himåQˆå®¾åQ?a good wifeåQˆä¸»è¡¥ï¼‰. 她会成äؓ他的好妻子ã€? 33. SheåQˆä¸»åQ?will makeåQˆè°“åQ?himåQˆå®¾åQ?a good husbandåQˆå®¾è¡¥ï¼‰. 她会使他成äؓ一个好丈夫ã€? 三、翻译下列短文,òq¶åˆ†æžæ¯ä¸ªå¥å­çš„¾cÕdž‹åQ? A sentenceåQˆä¸»è¯­ï¼‰ normally hasåQˆè°“语) a subject and a predicateåQˆå®¾è¯­ï¼‰. The subjectåQˆä¸»è¯­ï¼‰ identifiesåQˆè°“语) a person, place or thingåQˆå®¾è¯­ï¼‰. The predicateåQˆä¸»è¯­ï¼‰ tellsåQˆè°“语) what the subject does or isåQˆå®¾è¯­ï¼‰. The predicateåQˆä¸»è¯­ï¼‰ always includesåQˆè°“语) a verbåQˆå®¾è¯­ï¼‰, and a verbåQˆä¸»è¯­ï¼‰ isåQˆç³»åQ?one of three types—linking, intransitive, or transitive verbsåQˆè¡¨è¯­ï¼‰. The most widely used linking verbåQˆä¸»è¯­ï¼‰ isåQˆç³»åQ?a form of be, such as am, is, are, was, or wereåQˆè¡¨è¯­ï¼‰. Other linking verbsåQˆä¸»è¯­ï¼‰ include:åQˆè°“语) seem, become, feel, sound, taste, smellåQˆå®¾è¯­ï¼‰. The word or phrase that follows a linking verbåQˆä¸»è¯­ï¼‰ is calledåQˆè°“语) a subject complementåQˆä¸»è¯­è¡¥­‘Œ™¯­åQ? 一个句子一般都有一个主语和一个谓语。主语表½CÞZ¸€ä¸ªäh、地æ–ÒŽˆ–者事物。谓语则告诉我们主语òq²ä»€ä¹ˆæˆ–是什么ã€? 谓语往往包括一个动词,一定是˜qžç³»åŠ¨è¯ã€ä¸åŠç‰©åŠ¨è¯å’ŒåŠç‰©åŠ¨è¯ä¸­çš„一¿Uã€? 最常用的连¾pÕdŠ¨è¯æ˜¯be的各¿UåŞ式,比如åQšamåQŒisåQŒareåQŒwasåQŒwere。其他的˜qžç³»åŠ¨è¯åŒ…括åQšseemåQŒbecomeåQŒfeelåQŒsoundåQŒtasteåQŒsmell。连¾pÕdŠ¨è¯åŽé¢æ‰€æŽ¥çš„词或短语叫作主语补èƒö语ã€? ]]></description> </item><item><title>早在28500òq´å‰ç‹—就被驯化了 http://www.2283235.live/show-9944-466203-1.html ä¸ÞZ»€ä¹ˆç¾Žå›½åœ¨åŽ•æ‰€æŠ€æœ¯ä¸Šè½åŽäº?/title> <link>http://www.2283235.live/show-500-466202-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[Why is America lagging behind in toilet technology ä¸ÞZ»€ä¹ˆç¾Žå›½åœ¨åŽ•æ‰€æŠ€æœ¯ä¸Šè½åŽäº? I just got back from my first trip to Japan, and I'm now in love with the country. The ramen, yakitori and sushi. The gorgeous volcanoes. The fascinating people and culture. But of all the things I fell in love with, there's one that I can't stop thinking about: the toilets. 我刚从日本旅行回来,我现在爱上了˜q™ä¸ªå›½å®¶ã€‚拉面、烤鸡肉串和寿司。华丽的火山。迷人的人和文化。但在我çˆ×ƒ¸Šçš„所有东西中åQŒæœ‰ä¸€æ äh˜¯æˆ‘无法停止思考的:厕所ã€? Japanese toilets are marvels of technological innovation. They have integrated bidets, which squirt water to clean your private parts. They have dryers and heated seats. They use water efficiently, clean themselves and deodorize the air, so bathrooms actually smell good. They have white noise machines, so you can fill your stall with the sound of rain for relaxation and privacy. Some even have built-in night lights and music players. It's all customizable and controlled by electronic buttons on a panel next to your seat. 日本厕所是技术创新的奇迹。他们有集成的坐‹¹´ç›†åQŒå¯ä»¥å–·æ°´æ¥æ¸…洁你的¿Uå¤„。他们有烘干机和加热座椅。他们高效用æ°ß_¼Œè‡ªæˆ‘清洁åQŒåƈ去除½Iºæ°”中的气味åQŒæ‰€ä»¥å«ç”Ÿé—´çš„气味真的很好闻。他们有白噪éŸÏxœºå™¨ï¼Œæ‰€ä»¥ä½ å¯ä»¥ä¸ÞZº†æ”¾æ¾æˆ–隐¿Uæ€§ç”¨é›¨å£°å¡«å……ä½ çš„ž®éš”é—ß_¼Œæ”¾æ¾å’Œéš¿Uã€‚有些甚è‡Ïxœ‰å†…置的夜灯和音乐播放器。这一切都是可定制的,由åñ”位旁辚w¢æ¿ä¸Šçš„电子按钮控制ã€? In Japan, these high-tech toilets are everywhere: hotels, restaurants, bus stations, rest stops and around 80% of homes. It's glorious. Then, I come back to the United States, our toilets basically have one feature: flush. No heated seats. No nice smells and sounds. No sanitizing blasts of liquid. It's like cleaning your dishes without water. It's gross. And it got me thinking: Why can't we have high-tech toilets too? 在日本,˜q™äº›é«˜ç§‘技厕所无处不在åQšé…’店、餐馆、汽车站、休息站和大¾U?0%的家庭。棒极了。之后,我回到美国,我们的厕基本上只有一个功能:冲洗。没有加热åñ”位。没有美妙的气味和声韟뀂不需要对液体˜q›è¡Œæ¶ˆæ¯’。这ž®±åƒåœ¨æ²¡æœ‰æ°´çš„情况下‹z—碗一栗÷€‚太恶心了。这让我思考:ä¸ÞZ»€ä¹ˆæˆ‘们不能也有高¿U‘技厕所å‘? Most of the toilets in Japan are made by a company called Toto, which started the high-tech toilet revolution in 1980 when it unveiled the Washlet, a first-of-its-kind electric toilet seat with an integrated bidet. 日本的大多数马桶都是ç”׃¸€å®¶åä¸ºToto的公司制造的åQŒè¯¥å…¬å¸åœ?980òq´æŽ¨å‡ÞZº†½W¬ä¸€‹Æ‘Ö¸¦æœ‰é›†æˆå‹¹´ç›†çš„电动马桶åñ”圈,开启了高科技马桶革命的序òq•ã€? Toto has been innovating on the design ever since. So I reached out to the company. It put me in touch with Bill Strang, the president of corporate strategy and e-commerce at Toto USA. "U.S. toilets are effectively bedpans with a drain," says Strang. 从那以后åQŒToto在设计上不断创新。所以我联系了公司。这让我取得了与比尔·æ–¯ç‰¹æœ—的联系åQŒä»–是Toto¾ŸŽå›½å…¬å¸æˆ˜ç•¥å’Œç”µå­å•†åŠ¡æ€È»Ÿã€‚æ–¯ç‰ÒŽœ—è¯?“¾ŸŽå›½çš„厕所实际上是带排水管的便盆ã€?rdquo; Strang is originally from the Midwest, and he joined Toto 17 years ago. That's when he had his first experience with the Washlet bidet, and it was much like mine. It began with "apprehension, a little bit of angst," he says. But then he pushed the spray button and had a joyous sensation. The bathroom would never be the same. 斯特朗来自中襉Kƒ¨åQ?7òq´å‰åŠ å…¥Toto公司。那ž®±æ˜¯ä»–第一‹Æ¡ä½“验æʎ盆,和我的很像。开始时“恐惧åQŒä¸€ç‚¹ç‚¹ç„¦è™‘åQ?rdquo;他说。但随后他按下了喷雾按钮åQŒäñ”生了一¿Uæ„‰æ‚¦çš„感觉。æʎ室就完全变了。ã€? The Washlet has been for sale in the U.S. since 1990. but it never took off. While Toto has found success with its traditional porcelain products (and manufactures them in the U.S. and Mexico), the Washlet remains a novelty, found mostly at some high-end hotels, showrooms and Japanese restaurants. è‡?990òq´ä»¥æ¥æʎ盆一直在¾ŸŽå›½é”€å”®ï¼Œä½†ä¸€ç›´æ²¡æœ‰æˆåŠŸã€‚虽然Toto的传¾lŸç“·å™¨äñ”品取得了成功(òq¶åœ¨¾ŸŽå›½å’Œå¢¨è¥¿å“¥ç”Ÿäñ”)åQŒä½†‹¹´ç›†ä»ç„¶æ˜¯ä¸€¿Uæ–°é²œäº‹ç‰©ï¼Œä¸»è¦å‡ºçŽ°åœ¨ä¸€äº›é«˜ç«¯é…’店、展厅和日本˜¡åŽ…ã€? Economists spend a lot of time analyzing how and why technology spreads from one place to another. They call it "technology diffusion." One study looked at the spread of 20 technologies across 161 countries over the last 140 years, and it found evidence that geographic distance significantly slows the spread of new gadgets. ¾læµŽå­¦å®¶èŠ×ƒº†å¾ˆå¤šæ—‰™—´åˆ†æžæŠ€æœ¯å¦‚何以及äؓ什么从一个地方传播到另一个地斏V€‚他们称之äؓ“技术扩æ•?rdquo;。一™å¹ç ”½I¶è€ƒå¯Ÿäº†è¿‡åŽ?40òq´é‡Œ161个国å®?0™åҎŠ€æœ¯çš„传播情况åQŒå‘现有证据表明åQŒåœ°ç†è·¼›Õd¤§å¤§å‡¾~“了新科技产品的传播ã€? It fits with the pattern we see with high-tech toilets. Strang says that after Japan, high-tech toilets have mostly spread to nations along the Pacific Rim. 它符合我们看到的高科技厕所的模式。斯ç‰ÒŽœ—è¯ß_¼Œ¾l§æ—¥æœ¬ä¹‹åŽï¼Œé«˜ç§‘技厕所大多已蔓延到太åã^‹z‹æ²¿å²¸å›½å®¶ã€? But the speed of technology dispersion has sped up significantly in the modern era. Another study found that the spread of technologies developed after 1925 has been three times faster than the spread of those developed before 1925. That makes sense, with modern transportation and communication and all. 但在çŽîC»£åQŒæŠ€æœ¯æ‰©æ•£çš„速度明显加快。另一™å¹ç ”½I¶å‘玎ͼŒ1925òq´åŽå‘展èµäh¥çš„技术传播速度æ¯?925òq´å‰å‘展èµäh¥çš„技术传播速度快三倍。这是有道理的,因äؓ有了çŽîC»£äº¤é€šå’Œé€šè®¯½{‰ç­‰ã€? ]]></description> </item><item><title>因担心冠状病毒扩散,市场正在抛售股票 http://www.2283235.live/show-500-466201-1.html 卫生官员警告¾ŸŽå›½äºø™¦åšå¥½å† çŠ¶ç—…毒在美国传播的准备 http://www.2283235.live/show-500-466200-1.html 托福写作常见问题的合é›?/title> <link>http://www.2283235.live/show-7675-466194-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[  1.¾l“构不åã^行 例:I was able to raise my TOEFL score by studying hard and I read lots of books. 当ä‹É用连词将一¾pÕdˆ—的单词联接è“v来的时候,应当使用词性相同或同一¾cÕdž‹çš„短语ã€?   2.不知所云 例:Many companies began using computers mouth.  3.ŒDµè½˜q‡é•¿åQŒä¸åˆ†æ®µåQŒä¸»è¯­ä¸ŽåŠ¨è¯ä¸€è‡´é—®é¢˜ã€€She are a good friend of mine that I has known for a long time. 主语和动词在数方面不一致ã€?   4.句子别扭 We heated the soup in the microwave for too long and the shape of the container changed. 措辞˜q‡é•¿æˆ–不清。换­a€ä¹‹ï¼Œå¥å­æ˜‘Ö¾—滑稽可笑ã€?   5.不要使用¾~©å†™ã€€åœ¨æ­£å¼çš„写作中不要ä‹É用羃写åŞå¼?can"tåQŒdon"tåQŒit"såQŒwe"llåQŒthey"ve½{‰ç­‰) åQŒè€Œåº”当ä‹É用单词的完整形式 (cannotåQŒdo notåQŒit isåQŒwe willåQŒthey have½{‰ç­‰)ã€?   6.兌™”词语重复 Since I want to go to a good schoolåQŒtherefore I am trying to raise my test scores. 不能在该句的主要主语和主要动词前使用˜qžè¯ã€?   7.句子不完整 Many students have a hard time passing all the tests to get into college. For exampleåQ?my friend in high school. 句子没有主要主语或主要动词,因äؓ其实它应是一个从句。这是一个非常常见的错误åQŒä¿®æ”¹çš„æ–ÒŽ³•æ˜¯å°†ä¸¤ä¸ªå¥å­˜qžæŽ¥èµäh¥ã€?   8.不要使用get  When I got homeåQ?I got tiredåQ?so I got a book and got into bed. Get太不正式åQŒæ„æ€ä¹Ÿ˜q‡äºŽå«ç³ŠåQŒä¸é€‚合用在正式的场合。应ž®†get改äؓ一个更加具体的单词åQŒå¦‚becomeåQ?receiveåQŒã€€findåQ?achieveåQ?½{‰ç­‰ã€?   9.书写难以辨认åQŒä¿¡æ¯ä¸æ­£ç¡®ã€€I would like to study in America because all modern technology originated there. 传的信息不正¼‹®ï¼Œæˆ–者让人听èµäh¥è§‰å¾—可能不正¼‹?如果¼‹®å®žæ˜¯æ­£¼‹®çš„åQŒåº”当解释äؓ什么这æ øP¼Œå› äؓ读者不认äؓ是正¼‹®çš„)。上˜qîC¾‹å¥ä¸­åQŒall的意思是癑ֈ†ä¹‹ç™¾;我们不能¾lå¯¹åœ°è¯´æ¯ä¸€ä»¶æ–°ä¸œè¥¿éƒ½æ˜¯ä»Žç¾Žå›½è¯žç”Ÿçš„。äؓ保险赯‚§åQŒåº”当ä‹É用many或most.非英语单词Computers are very helpful and advantageable. ž®½ç®¡çœ‹è“v来象个单词,其实不是åQŒè‡³ž®‘不是个英文单词。ä‹É用这个单词的另一¿UåŞ式ã€?   10.介词多余 I would like to discuss about something important that you mentioned about to me during yesterday. We went to downtown yesterday to buy a watch. When I first came to the USåQŒã€€I did not have a lot of friends in here. In classåQ?my classmate never mentioned about her husband. 在表½Cø™¿™¿Uæ„æ€æ—¶æ­¤å•è¯ä¸èƒ½ä¸Žä»‹è¯˜qžç”¨ã€‚è¿™¿Uæƒ…况常见于downtownåQŒhomeåQŒthereåQŒhere½{‰è¯ã€‚这些词语在è‹Þp¯­ä¸­æ˜¯å‰¯è¯è€Œéžåè¯åQŒå› è€Œä¸èƒ½åœ¨å®ƒä»¬å‰é¢æ·ÕdŠ ä»‹è¯ã€?   11.跑题或不相关 There are many reasons to buy a caråQ?preferably a nice car. ˜q™ä¸ªæ„æ€ä¸Žæ–‡ç« çš„主题无兟ë€?   12.陈词滥调 It is okay for children to fail sometimes. 所表达的意思很普通 大多æ•îCh都已¾lçŸ¥é“到了,因而就没有必要再说出来ã€?   13.标点问题 I love animals. And I like to help them. Because they are helpless. So I want to become a vet. ˜q™æ˜¯ä¸€ä¸ªéžå¸¸æ™®éçš„问题!许多学生在句子中使用了太多的句号åQŒå°¤å…¶æ˜¯å½“他们用手写的时候ã€?   14.重复冗余 PersonallyåQŒã€€I believe what the newspaper prints. 一¿Uæ„æ€çš„表述不止一‹Æ¡ï¼Œæˆ–者某个词语不必要ã€?   15.单数/复数 Many year agoåQ?dinosaur roamed the Earths. 单词需要从单数变äؓ复数åQŒæˆ–者由复数变成单数。 单数可数名词 单数可数名词不能单独使用åQŒåº”该将其变为复数åŞ式或者加上限定词(aåQŒã€€theåQ?myåQ?hisåQ?heråQ?Gary"såQ?noåQ?anyåQ?1åQ?3åQ?50åQ?moståQŒç­‰½{?ã€?   16.拼写错误åQŒä¸»è¯­ã€åŠ¨è¯æˆ–宾语有问题 I want to buy something for my mother that she will like it. There was a terrible accident happen yesterday. 句子的基本结构有问题åQ?¾~ºå°‘主语、动词或宾语åQŒæˆ–者这些成分重复。  17.语气与文章不½W¦ã€€I was kind of mad at the guy who vociferated angry words at me. I have heard many wonderful things about such cosmopolitan cities as ParisåQ?LondonåQ?TokyoåQ?and Hong Kong and I would love to visit these cities to check them out. 语气与文章其他部分不相符åQ?可能是过于正式或者太不正式ã€?   18.代词指代不明 If people do not speak the same languageåQ?it has a greater chance of miscommunication. I intend to complete my studies in the United States because they have good programs there. 代词所指代的指½Cø™¯(介词所代替的名è¯?不清楚ã€?   19.˜q‡äºŽ½W¼ç»Ÿã€€We should use our resources on Earth because the Earth is getting worse. 句子或它所表达的意思过于笼¾lŸï¼Œä¸èƒ½æä¾›å¤šå°‘信息ã€?   20.动词时态错误 Yesterday I will go to the store because tomorrow I needed some food. 动词时态不正确 ‹‚€æŸ¥ä¸€ä¸‹æ˜¯åº”该用现在时、过åŽÀL—¶ã€å°†æ¥æ—¶˜q˜æ˜¯å®Œæˆæ—¶ç­‰½{‰ã€?   21.选词不恰当 I was late getting home because I lost my way. 在这¿Uæƒ…况下不应该ä‹É用该词 可选择更好的词语或者所使用的词语与文章的æ€ÖM½“语气不符ã€?   22.单词形式不当 I want to creation a great web site so that I can becoming wealth. 所使用的单词的形式不正¼‹®ã€€‹‚€æŸ¥ä¸€ä¸‹åº”该ä‹É用该词的名词、åŞ容词或副词åŞ式的哪一¿Uã€?   23.用词错误 Even I don‘t speak SpanishåQ?I was able to find a bathroom in the department store. I gained a lot of pounds during vacation. 用词错误或在此种情况下该词不是最佳用词ã€? ]]></description> </item><item><title>托福写作同义词积累整ç?/title> <link>http://www.2283235.live/show-7675-466193-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[  合适的åQ?suitable/ advisable/ sound/ temperate/ rational/ preferable/ reliable/ fitting/ modest/ moderate   ¾_¾è‡´çš„: elegant/ delicate/ elaborate/subtle   ¾ŸŽå¥½çš„: gorgeous/ glorious/ splendid/ admirable/ breathtaking/ impressive/ spectacular/ superb   杰出的: outstanding/ distinguished/ eminent/ excellent/ supreme/ extraordinary/ prominent/ matchless/ foremost   著名的: famous/ illustrious/ celebrated/ notable   聪明的: intelligent/ wise/ ingenious/ sensible/ smart/ clever/ knowledgeable/ capable   大的åQ?immense/ huge/ spacious/ prodigious/ massive/ enormous/ vast/ tremendous/ expansive   ž®çš„åQ?slight/ tiny/ microscopic/ small/ diminutive/ minuscule   重要的: important/ significant/ concernful/ pivotal/ superb/ momentous/ vital/ primary/ essential/ principal/ leading/ major/ dominant/ predominant/ fateful   最好的åQ?optimum/ premium   基本的: underlying/ elementary/ fundamental/ essential/ cardinal   不èƒö的: insufficient/ scanty/ meager/ needy/ poor/ scarce/ devoid/ empty/ lacking   充èƒö的: fraught/ sufficient/ enough/ adequate/ abundant   ˜q‡å¤šçš„: excessive/ redundant/ overabundant/ inordinate   ç‰ÒŽ®Šçš„: unique/ matchless/ unrivaled/ extraordinary / special   奇怪的åQ?odd/ bizarre/ quaint/ weird/ queer   ç›æ€¼¼çš„: similar/ approximate/ proximate/ homogeneous/ identical/ equal/ equivalent/ coordinate.   无效的: null/ invalid/ void   有效的: valid/ acceptable/ effective/ resultful/ efficient/ competent   高兴的: delightful/ happy/ hilarious/ exultant/ gleeful/ joyous/ exalted/ blessed/ pleasing/ amusing ]]></description> </item><item><title>托福口语考试的应对策ç•?/title> <link>http://www.2283235.live/show-8349-466181-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[  在新托福之前的托¼›è€ƒè¯•ä¸­ï¼Œæœ‰ä¸€™å¹ç‹¬ç«‹çš„托福口语考试TSE(Test of Spoken English)åQŒè¯¥å£è¯­‹¹‹è¯•æ˜¯ç¾Žå›½æ•™è‚²è€ƒè¯•æœåŠ¡ä¸­å¿ƒä¸ºæ¯è¯­äؓ非英语国家的学生提供的英语口语水òqŒ™€ƒè¯•åQŒæ˜¯å¤§éƒ¨åˆ†ç”³è¯·RA (Research Assistant助研)和TA(Teaching Assistant助教)的考生必须参加的一™å¹è€ƒè¯•åQŒæ€»è®¡60分,50ï½?5分是比较有说服力的申è¯ähˆ¾l©ã€‚iBT Speaking与TSE有着一定的承接关系åQŒå¦‚均出现先听后说这¿Uç»¼åˆç´ è´¨è€ƒæŸ¥çš„口语考查形式ã€?   应考对½{?   但iBT Speaking与TSE有着很大的差异。iBT Speaking包括6个题目,其中1ã€?道äؓ独立回答题。另外第3ã€?道要求考生先阅è¯ÖM¸€ŒD‰|–‡å­—,然后再听一ŒDµä¸Žé˜…读文字在内容上相关的听力材料,最后考生按照要求回答相关问题。它们分别是情景题和学术题。最后的5ã€?道以听力材料为基¼‹€åQŒè¦æ±‚考生回答相关问题ã€?   首先åQŒè€ƒç”ŸæŽŒæŽ§æ—‰™—´èƒ½åŠ›çš„强弱对˜q™ä¸ªéƒ¨åˆ†æˆç‡W的高低有着直接影响。前两道题的准备旉™—´ä¸?5¿U’,回答旉™—´æ˜?5¿U?3ã€?题的准备旉™—´æ˜?0¿U’,回答旉™—´åˆ™æ˜¯60¿U?最后两道题目的准备旉™—´æ˜?0¿U’,回答旉™—´ä¸?0¿U’。大部分考生都反映口语部分的准备旉™—´åˆ©ç”¨æ•ˆçŽ‡ä½Žã€åš½{”仓促。如½W?ã€?中的题目属于日常话题åQŒè¿™ä¸¤é“题本íw«éš¾åº¦æ¯”较小åQŒæ‰€ä»¥ç‰¹åˆ«éœ€è¦æ³¨æ„çš„ž®±æ˜¯æ—‰™—´çš„分配问题,在这45¿U’钟里,一般用5ï½?¿U’完成topic sentence, 接下来的40¿U’应以每一个detail或者example不超˜q?ï½?句话的规律完成该话题åQŒä¹Ÿž®±æ˜¯è¯´å¤§è‡?0¿U’完成一个detail或example的表˜q°ã€‚如果考生能在考前˜q›è¡Œå……分的准备,é”ȝ‚¼è‡ªå·±çš„口语思维åQŒç§¯ç´¯å¸¸ç”¨çš„details或examplesåQŒè€ƒè¯•æ—¶å°±ä¼šä»Žå®¹è®¸å¤šã€?   其次åQŒè€ƒç”Ÿè¦å¯¹6道题目的评分标准和题目本íw«çš„要求有具体的认识åQŒåƈæ ÒŽ®è‡ªå·±çš„基¼‹€åœ¨è€ƒå‰é’ˆå¯¹iBT Speakingçš?¿Uç±»åž‹åšé›†ä¸­è®­ç»ƒã€?   关于评分标准åQŒOG (Official Guide官方指南) 上都有详¾l†çš„说明åQŒETS以下åˆ?点作ä¸ø™‡ªå·Þqš„评分准则åQ?   1. Delivery: How clear your speech is. Good responses are those in which the speech is fluid and clear, with good pronunciation, natural pacing, and natural-sounding intonation patternsã€?   2. Language Use: How effectively you use grammar and vocabulary to convey your ideas. Raters will be looking to see how well you can control both basic and more complex language structures and use appropriate vocabularyã€?   3. Topic Development: How fully you answer the question and how coherently you present your ideas. Good responses generally use all or most of the time allotted, and the relationship between ideas and the progression from one idea to the next is clear and easy to followã€?   æ€È»“下来åQŒå³è€ƒç”Ÿå¿…é¡»ž®½é‡åšåˆ°ä½¿è‡ªå·Þqš„语言‹¹ç•…、清晰、易懂,òq¶ä¸”能够熟练使用口语词汇。其ä¸?ldquo;‹¹ç•…”要求考生要以较流畅的语速表˜q°è‡ªå·Þqš„观点åQŒå…¶å®žä¹Ÿæ˜¯æé†’考生必须有效利用旉™—´ã€‚通常内容­‘Šä¸°å¯Œã€ä¿¡æ¯é‡­‘Šå¤§åQŒè¶Šå®ÒŽ˜“得高分。而清晰、易懂不仅要求考生的语韟뀁语调应当尽量符合native speakers的习惯,更重要的是要求考生应恰当ä‹É用词汇、句型åƈ且话语的层次应尽量清楚明了、过渡自然ã€?   题型分析   Independent Topics题型   Independent task 1是Free Choice题,要求考生ž®±æŸä¸€å¸¸è§„话题用英语做45¿U’钟的陈˜q°ã€‚考生对于˜q™é“题的准备应主要集中在people、place、object、event (人、地、物、事)˜q™å‡ ä¸ªå¤§æ–šw¢ã€‚徏议考生扎实准备OG、Longman ¾l¼åˆæ•™ç¨‹ä»¥åŠå£è¯­ç‰¹è®­½{‰æ•™æä¸Šçš„题目,虽然在考试时直接考到它们的几率åƈ不大åQŒä½†æ˜¯åœ¨å¤ä¹ ˜q‡ç¨‹ä¸­å‡†å¤‡è¿‡çš„具体内容在考场上的作用却非常大。比å¦?“Describe the place you live in”ä¸?ldquo;Which city do you travel to most”ã€?ldquo;Who is the person you admire most”ä¸?ldquo;Whom would you choose to visit for one hour”ž®±å¯ä»¥ç›¸äº’借用大部分内宏V€?   Independent task 2是Paired Choice题,也就是要求考生在提供的两个选择中选择自己喜欢的一个,òq¶ç”¨details和examples支持自己的观炏V€‚如“ If you could choose to live in the city or live in the country areas, which lifestyle would you prefer and why”åQŒè€ƒç”Ÿéœ€è¦åšçš„是˜q…速确定自å·Þqš„立场åQŒå…¶ä½™çš„按照 Free Choice的准备就可以了,同时比Free Choice更好的表˜q°æ˜¯è€ƒç”Ÿå¯ä»¥é‡‡ç”¨“抨击”另一¿Uè§‚点的方式来准备detailsåQŒå¦‚考生可以陈述live in the city的不好来表达自己的观ç‚?mdash;—I prefer to live in the country。但是,本题在某些时候以“Do you agree or disagree”或è€?ldquo;compare and contrast”的åŞ式出玎ͼŒå¯¹äºŽåŽè€…而言åQŒè€ƒç”Ÿä¸å¿…表明自己的观点,只要陈述å‡ÞZ¸¤¿Ué€‰æ‹©çš„可比之处åƈ加以诠释ž®±å¯ä»¥äº†ã€?   Integrated Tasks题型   ½W?ï½?题主要考查考生对于题目的认知程度,òq¶ä¾æ®reading和listening部分做好的notes˜q›è¡Œæœ‰æ¡ç†çš„、清晰的复述åQŒæˆ–者加上自å·Þqš„观点。对于考生来说åQŒä¸€å®šè¦å……分理解题目åQŒç†Ÿæ‚‰è€ƒé¢˜è¦æ±‚åQŒå……分理解它们分别要求自己做什么事情。首先,ETS 明确3ã€?题都不允许有ä»ÖM½•çš„personal viewåQŒå› æ­¤ä¸å…è®¸å‡ºçŽ°“I think (I believe, I presume, I consider.ã€?)”æˆ?ldquo;As far as I’m concerned.ã€?”ã€?ldquo;In my opinion.ã€?”之类的表达方式。而第5ã€?题则可根据具体要求加入考生的个äºø™§‚炏V€?   ½W?题要求考生åœ?5¿U’之内读完一则notice或è€?announcementåQŒç„¶åŽå¬ä¸€ŒDµå¯¹è¯æˆ–者monologue(独白)åQŒåœ¨å¬åŠ›ææ–™ä¸­ï¼Œè¯´è¯è€…å°†ž®±é˜…è¯ÀLæ–™é‡Œæåˆ°çš„决定发表看法。而题目通常都是要求考生对于说话者的观点˜q›è¡Œé™ˆè¿°åQŒåƈ且要求考生复述å‡ÞZ»–或她(ä»?在表达自å·Þp§‚ç‚ÒŽ—¶è°ˆåŠçš„原因。所以看清楚题目要求自己复述的是一个äh˜q˜æ˜¯ä¸¤ä¸ªäººçš„观点也非帔R‡è¦ã€?   ½W?题是关于学术讲åñ”的复˜q°ã€‚这个部分要求考生åœ?5¿U’之内阅è¯ÖM¸€ŒDµå­¦æœ¯å†…容的文章åQŒç„¶åŽå¬ä¸€ŒD‰|•™æŽˆçš„讲åñ”åQŒéœ€è¦æ³¨æ„çš„是教授的讲åñ”可能是针寚w˜…è¯ÀLæ–™ä¸­çš„某一个细节进行发散性的详细讲解。这个环节的题目要求是客观陈˜q°æ•™æŽˆæ˜¯æ€Žæ ·ä»¥examples和details来阐释reading中出现的某个术语。因此在做reading notes时要争取è®îC¸‹æåˆ°çš„术语的定义或者对某科学现象的分类和发展阶ŒD늭‰é‡è¦ä¿¡æ¯;而在做listening notes时则要对教授的ä‹D例和分类做重点记录,同时在问题出现后要抓ç´?0¿U’é’Ÿæ—‰™—´å¯¹reading和listening notes˜q›è¡Œåˆç†¾l„织åQŒå¾è®®è€ƒç”ŸæŠ“紧旉™—´æ ‡è®°å‡ºtopic sentence的key words和supporting detailsåQŒåƈž®†å®ƒä»¬ç¼–åøP¼Œå¸®åŠ©è‡ªå·±ç†æ¸…陈述的思èµ\。第6题的处理方式与本题较为相伹{€?   ½W?题是“problem-solution”题型åQŒè€ƒç”Ÿåªè¦æ ÒŽ®listening notes陈述清楚对话中的½W¬ä¸€ä½è¯´è¯è€…çš„problem以及½W¬äºŒä½è¯´è¯è€…提供的solution(s)åQŒå…¶‹Æ¡æ ¹æ®Paired Choice的模式表明自å·Þqš„立场以及原因ž®±å¯ä»¥äº†ã€? ]]></description> </item><item><title>托福口语复述的注意事™å?/title> <link>http://www.2283235.live/show-8349-466180-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[  新托¼›å£è¯­è€ƒè¯•å…±æœ‰å…­ä¸ªé¢˜ç›®åQŒå…¶ä¸­å°¤ä»¥åŽå››ä¸ªé¢˜ç›®æ›´åŠ å……分体现了融诅R€å¬ã€è¯´åœ¨ä¸€èµïLš„特点。也ž®±æ˜¯è¯ß_¼Œåœ¨å›ž½{”问题时åQŒä½ ä¸å¿…æ…äh…¨‹È€æ˜‚地陈述自己的观点,而是要利用听è¯ÀLæ–™ä¸­çš„具体信息回½{”所提出的与材料有关的问题。这其实ž®±æ˜¯åœ¨è€ƒå¯Ÿè€ƒç”Ÿæ˜¯å¦å…·å¤‡äº†å¯¹å…ˆå‰è¯Õdˆ°ã€å¬åˆ°çš„材料˜q›è¡Œå¿«é€ŸåŠ å·?归纳、æ€È»“、融å?åQŒç„¶åŽå†å£å¤´è¾“出(变成自己的话)çš?ldquo;口语复述”能力。因而,为取得理想的成ç‡WåQŒåœ¨å£è¯•ä¸­ï¼Œå£è¯­å¤è¿°åº”遵循如下原则:   托福口语复述注意事项1.准确性原åˆ?Accuracy)   准确性强调要准确挖掘与获取听、读材料的中心思想与细节内容,不能ä»Õd‡­ä¸»è§‚臆想;同时˜q˜è¦æ³¨æ„ç”¨å‡†¼‹®çš„语言输出ã€?   托福口语复述注意事项2.完整性原åˆ?Integrity)   完整性指的是åQšä¸€è¦å…¨é¢é‡‡é›†ä¸Žåº”用听、读材料的信息,特别是不能遗漏ä“Q何重要的¾l†èŠ‚;二是所提供的答案语­a€è¦å®Œæ•´ã€?   托福口语复述注意事项3.客观性原åˆ?Objectivity)   客观性是指要客观陈述材料内容åQŒä¸èƒ½å¦„加主观评è®?除非有这æ ïLš„要求)ã€?   托福口语复述注意事项4.½Ž€‹zæ€§åŽŸåˆ?Concision)   ½Ž€‹zæ€§å¼ºè°ƒçš„是要采用½Ž€¾lƒçš„口语˜q›è¡Œå¤è¿°åQŒä¸åº”过分堆砌辞藅R€?当然了,几十¿U’钟的时间也不允许这样做ã€?语言要朴素,同时˜q˜è¦æ³¨æ„é¿å…è¯´å‡ºä¸Žä¸»é¢˜æ— å…³çš„话语åQŒæ›´ä¸èƒ½è½¦èª„辘话来回说ã€? ]]></description> </item><item><title>一™åҎ–°ç†è®ºæå‡ºåQŒè¿œå¤äh¾cÕd¯èƒ½åœ¨74000òq´å‰çš„超¾U§ç«å±Þqˆ†å‘所引发的“火山冬季”中òq¸å­˜ä¸‹æ¥ http://www.2283235.live/show-138-466179-1.html ˜q™æ£µæ ‘有毒,下雨的时候你都站不è“væ?/title> <link>http://www.2283235.live/show-7804-466178-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[This Tree Is So Toxic, You Can't Even Stand Under It When It Rains ˜q™æ£µæ ‘有毒,下雨的时候你都站不è“væ? In 1999, radiologist Nicola Strickland went on a holiday to the Caribbean island of Tobago, a tropical paradise complete with idyllic, deserted beaches. 1999òqß_¼Œæ”‘Ö°„¿U‘医生尼古拉·æ–¯ç‰¹é‡Œå…‹å…°å‰å¾€åŠ å‹’比æ“v的多巴哥岛度假,那里是一个热带天堂,有田园诗般的荒芜‹¹äh‡Wã€? On her first morning there, she went foraging for shells and corals in the white sand, but the holiday quickly took a turn for the worse. 在那里的½W¬ä¸€å¤©æ—©æ™¨ï¼Œå¥¹åŽ»ç™½æ²™æ»©ä¸Šå¯ÀL‰¾è´å£³å’ŒçŠç‘šï¼Œä½†å‡æœŸå¾ˆå¿«å°±å˜å¾—更糟了ã€? Scattered amongst the coconuts and mangoes on the beach, Strickland and her friend found some sweet-smelling green fruit that looked much like small crabapples. 斯特里克兰和她的朋友在æ“v滩上的椰子和芒果中发çŽîCº†ä¸€äº›é—»èµäh¥å¾ˆé¦™çš„绿色水果,看è“v来很像野è‹ÒŽžœã€? Both foolishly decided to take a bite. Within moments the pleasantly sweet flavour was overwhelmed by a peppery, burning feeling and an excruciating tightness in the throat that gradually got so bad, the women could barely swallow. 两äh都愚蠢地军_®šå’¬ä¸€å£ã€‚不一会儿åQŒè¿™¿Uç”œ¾ŸŽçš„味道ž®Þp¢«ä¸€¿Uè¾›è¾£ã€ç¼çƒ­çš„感觉和喉咙的剧痛压得喘不˜q‡æ°”来,后来情况­‘Šæ¥­‘Šç³ŸåQŒå¥¹ä»¬å‡ ä¹Žæ— æ³•åžå’½ã€? The fruit in question belonged to the manchineel tree (Hippomane mancinella), sometimes referred to as 'beach apple' or 'poison guava'. It's native to the tropical parts of southern North America, as well as Central America, the Caribbean, and parts of northern South America. ˜q™ç§æ°´æžœå±žäºŽç•ªçŸ³æ¦´æ ‘åQŒæœ‰æ—¶è¢«¿UîCؓ“‹¹äh‡Wè‹ÒŽžœ”æˆ?ldquo;有毒番石æ¦?rdquo;。它原äñ”于北¾ŸŽæ´²å—部的热带地区,以及中美‹zŒÓ€åŠ å‹’比和南¾ŸŽæ´²åŒ—部的部分地区ã€? The plant bears another name in Spanish, arbol de la muerte, which literally means "tree of death". According to the Guinness World Records, the manchineel tree is in fact the most dangerous tree in the world. ˜q™ç§æ¤ç‰©åœ¨è¥¿ç­ç‰™è¯­ä¸­æœ‰å¦ä¸€ä¸ªåå­—,arbol de la muerteåQŒå­—面意思是“æ­ÖMº¡ä¹‹æ ‘”。根据吉ž®¼æ–¯ä¸–ç•Œ¾Uªå½•åQŒæ¯’番石榴树实际上是世界上最危险的树ã€? As explained by the Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, all parts of manchineel are extremely poisonous, and "interaction with and ingestion of any part of this tree may be lethal". æ ÒŽ®ä½›ç½—里达食品和农业科学研½I¶æ‰€çš„解释,毒番çŸÏx¦´çš„所有部分都是剧毒的åQ?ldquo;与这¿Uæ ‘çš„ä“Q何部分接触和摄入都可能是致命çš?rdquo;ã€? Manchineel belongs to the large and diverse Euphorbia genus, which also contains the decorative Christmas poinsettia. The tree produces a thick, milky sap, which oozes out of everything - the bark, the leaves and even the fruit - and can cause severe, burn-like blisters if it comes into contact with skin. 曼奇内尔属大戟属植物åQŒç§¾cȝ¹å¤šï¼Œå…¶ä¸­ä¹Ÿå«æœ‰åœ£è¯žè£…é¥îC¸€å“çº¢ã€‚è¿™‹‚‰| ‘会äñ”生一¿Uç²˜½E çš„乳状汁液åQŒä»Žæ ‘皮、树叶甚è‡Ïx°´æžœä¸­æ¸—出åQŒå¦‚果接触到皮肤会引起严重的çég¼¤æ äh°´æ³¡ã€? Because of these horrifying properties, in some parts of the tree's natural range they are painted with a red cross, a red ring of paint, or even paired with explicit warning signs. ç”׃ºŽ˜q™äº›å¯æ€•çš„ç‰ÒŽ€§ï¼Œåœ¨æ ‘的自然范围的某些部分åQŒå®ƒä»¬è¢«æ¶‚上了红十字åQŒä¸€ä¸ªçº¢è‰²çš„æ²ÒŽ¼†åœˆï¼Œç”šè‡³ä¸Žæ˜Ž¼‹®çš„警告标志同时出现ã€? You'd think humans could just remove the trees, but they actually play a valuable role in their local ecosystems - as a large shrub, the manchineel grows into dense thickets that provide excellent windbreaking, and a protection against coastal erosion on Central American beaches. 你可能会认äؓ人类可以直接把这些树砍掉åQŒä½†å®žé™…上它们在当地的生态系¾lŸä¸­æ‰®æ¼”着重要的角è‰?mdash;—作äؓ一¿Uå¤§åž‹çŒæœ¨ï¼Œ‹¹·é³—生长在浓密的灌木丛中åQŒè¿™ä¸ºå®ƒä»¬æä¾›äº†è‰¯å¥½çš„防风能力,òq¶ä¿æŠ¤å®ƒä»¬å…å—中¾ŸŽæ´²‹¹äh‡W的æ“vå²æ€çR蚀ã€? ]]></description> </item><item><title>CNN News: 新美国暴å?0òq´æ¥æœ€è‡´å‘½‹¹æ„Ÿ http://www.2283235.live/show-10266-466177-1.html è‹Þp¯­æ¯•ä¸šè®ºæ–‡é¢˜ç›®æœ‰å“ªäº›ï¼Ÿè‹Þp¯­æ¯•ä¸šè®ºæ–‡é€‰é¢˜æ³¨æ„äº‹é¡¹ http://www.2283235.live/show-242-466173-1.html ¿ªÐÄÀÖÆåÅÆ×÷±×Æ÷ÏÂÔØ